waking up through out the night
joshua420 posted:
How can I get sleep without waking up through out the night? I wake up about every hour to hour and a half. Is something wrong with me
jingyao responded:
I think you can use the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) to conduct a self analysis of how sleepy you are during the day. To see if you have sleep apnea.
atti_editor responded:
Hi joshua420,

This article has some advice on how to sleep easier all night long that I think you will find helpful. You might also answer the questions in this article to determine if you should see a doctor or sleep specialist about your problem. Improvements to your daily and before bed routines, such as getting regular exercise, avoiding large meals close to bedtime and adjusting your thermostat, could help you sleep better and are outlined in the above articles.

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oliver59 responded:
I have the same thing and have been to countless doctors trying to get help. Sleeping pills and antidepressents (like Trazadone) just end up aggravating the chronic insomnia as I develop a tolerance to them pretty quickly. I think the cause of major sleep disruption and insomnia is something in the enviroment, the same thing that is killing our honeybees and that is all the ever-increasing low level radiation. Continuous low level EMF that emits from cell towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and most of all, utility smart meters that pulse it out 24/7. But this is being ignored in this country because of big business and telecommunications companies. My plan is to move to a rural area, away from all the bright lights, power stations, and cell towers of the city. None of this is good for people's health!