Provigil vs Nuvigil
visneaushaw posted:
My doctor started me out on Provigil - around 3:30 pm every day I'd be doing "headers" into my, he switched me to Nuvigil because it came in a 250mg dose - perfect fit! Employer changed deductible amount on my insurance, so my co-pay went up. As Nuvigil hasn't been around long enough to get a generic, I asked my doctor to prescribe Provigil again, which he did. I got the generic but I must tell you, it's almost like not taking the meds at all. I'm sleepy all day (not to the point of nodding off in the morning, but any time after noon it's terrible!) I'm almost afraid to drive because of the narcolepsy (scared myself to death a few times before I was diagnosed). So, it's either deal with the Provigil's minimal advantages or go without, as I can't afford $60 every month for 30 pills. Highway robbery, yet they get away with it. Ahhh...corporate America and Big Brother.......they go hand-in-hand, and ain't it grand?