New..I hardly slep..I do things at night i don't even know i do!
donnajune2000 posted:
I AM DESPERATE FOR HELP..WHAT KIND OF DR. DO I FIND THAT CAN HELP ME. I have so many things wrong with me, here's w hat I can remember right now. Fibromyalgia, Lupus, TMJ, Restless leg and body syndrome,Chronic insomnia, sleep apnea, and recently I went from a off and on lower back pain to hurting myself lifting huge rocks to a herniated disk and I found out I have arthritis in my back. Now I am going to a Pain Clinic management. My regular M.D. hasn't been to concerned about my never sleeping. I live with my boyfriend and he tells me I don't sleep. I haven't slept in four days and nights until last night I finally went to sleep about four a.m. and woke up at eleven a.m. this morning..I will probably not sleep again for another four are five days. I live in such pain from all my problems but the worst thing I've ever dealt with is the Chronic yr after yr. after yr. NO SLEEP.. I desperately need to start getting some regular sleep..CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME...

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