Cheap Light Therapy
An_258044 posted:
I'm searching for a light therapy device that's cheap (preferably below $50), will turn on by itself in the morning, and is bright enough (10,000 lux or thereabouts). Cheaper(ish) recommendations that you guys have found would be greatly appreciated! Here's some of the things I've found so far for those interested:
I've looked at using a mechanical outlet timer for $9+shipping ( ) with an LED for $9+shipping ( ), but the LED isn't bright enough.
I've also considered the zadra sunlight 365 for $47 ( ), but it can't be made to turn on by itself via a mechanical timer in the morning.
Finally, I've looked at things like the SunTouch Plus Light for $57 ( ) and the Verilux VT20WW1 for $84 ( ), but they're both more expensive than I'd like and would require an $8+ mechanical outlet timer to turn them on before I wake up. That said, I may have to end up getting the $57 unit if I can't find something cheaper.