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Not Moving While Sleeping
Left4Ed posted:
I had posted this question here before but I'm guessing it got deleted....

The question was: For some reason, I'm not moving in my sleep anymore. I'm sleeping hard on one side of my body (I've always slept on my sides) for eight hours and I wake up with neck strain and arm and hip pain and occasionally pins and needles from the pressure of sleeping and not shifting like I normally used to.

I've never had this problem before and I would like to know why it's started now and how to stop it without have to set an alarm to wake me up so I can switch sides.
vax31j responded:
Hoepfully this is a case of the mattress being too comfortable. This link goes into some detail on why movement in your sleep is necessary and some of the issues.
boston177 responded:
For, "Left4Ed." Regarding your sleep movement issue. If you really are falling asleep, you will not be aware or even remember gentle moves that your body makes no matter what side you wake up on. I really am with you on just how important sleep movement is. It's a quality of sleep issue & will affect how you feel when you wake & also how you perform during the day. One tip; if you like to go to sleep on your left side, try going to sleep on your right side. Also, try rotating night to night which side you want to fall asleep on. Trust me, your body moves a lot during the 7 to 9 hours a person sleeps. Some people feel fine with just 6 hours of sleep each night. They also get the benefit of, "unaware-sleep movement." The body makes these gentle moves to keep you stretched during the night & so you feel re-freshed when you wake.Don't get discouraged. We live in a dynamic world and this affects all of us. You're not alone.Good point though.
Katja8370 replied to boston177's response:
I do not move at all in my sleep. My husband usually lies besides me, and since he often has trouble sleeping himself, he usually sits awake all night while I sleep. Often he has scoke me, just to make sure that I'm still alive. I do not move at all. I always wake up in the same position and always very sore and numb. I have ankylosing spondylitis and psoreatic artheritis wich, makes my not moving, even worse. My hips feel like they are trying to escape my body every morning.

I don't think this is normal, and if anyone knows what to do about it, please let me know. This is pretty hurtful.

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