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CPAP works but still tired
tprested posted:
I had another sleep study and confirmed that my CPAP is treating my OSA. However, I wake up with very tired eyes, a little foggy, and have both tired/burning eyes and brain fog all day. Plus, on many days I am fairly fatigued. I'm a 46 year old male and being treated for three hormone deficiencies testosterone, cortisol, and thyroid. I'm also taking Cymbalta for anxiety. The last five years have been very stressful at home. Work can be stressful at times as well mainly due to boredom. I live in the country, which can also be fairly boring at times. Any ideas? I've seen many doctors but no one has a solution, it has been trial and error.
joonbug8 responded:
For your sleep study, did they use your CPAP machine and supplies, or did they use their own machine connected through their sleep equipment? If they ran the study with all your stuff, I don't know. But, if they used the sleep lab stuff, there are some things you can check if you haven't already. Is your mask leaking anywhere? If you are using a nasal mask, is your mouth dropping open? Have you replaced supplies lately? Most insurance companies will cover mask, tubing, water chamber, cushions or pillows and filters periodically. Also, are you checking your filters routinely? If the filters get dirty enough, it can actually start to block pressure. Some machines have an altitude adjustment setting, and if your setting is wrong, it affects the pressure. One final suggestion, check with the company that supplied your CPAP machine, ask if your machine has download capabilities. This will take a look at the last few weeks and can see if you develop any leaks as well as see what is happening during those nights. It's not as detailed as a sleep study, but much cheaper (the company I work for doesn't charge anything for a download), but it can be very helpful in cases like yours. Good luck!
naturalwoman_ responded:
yea, I would make sure the pressure is adjusted , sometimes that needs tweeked. & Maybe it will take a while for your meds to take affect to get everything in balance. How long have you been on the cpap? you can log on to and ask the doctor questions about anything related to sleep disorders. It does affect more things than we realize. , but maybe he can help good luck
gturney responded:
Many people c/o residual daytime fatigue or sleepiness even when they are properly treated w/ CPAP. Many sleep specialists will prescribe an alertness promoting medication like Provigil or NuVigil.

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