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Dreams so vivid they make me tired.
LittleLadddy posted:
I dream so vividly and often that after sleeping 8 hours, I can wake up exhausted. It's really beginning to affect my daily life, because I am tired 75% of the time. Often they are fairly traumatic nightmares, which require my boyfriend to wake me up because I am crying and/or moaning. In order to feel rested, I generally have to sleep 10-12 hours, but that is not feasible for my life. Because of this I often nap. What could possibly be causing these dreams? Is it possible to have excess melatonin? If so, how can it be treated? If that isn;t possible, what could my problem be?
kellijustine responded:
i don't know what the answer is but I find when I take tylenol pm or something to that effect which is really benadryl with pain medication combined I don't do that as bad. I have been experimenting with edgar cayces meditational night tapes and i find they are working for me. the problem is i only listen to them when i am alone because i wouldn't want my boyfriend to be subjected to it lol but it seems to work for me. i have been left tired from that type of sleep and from lack of dreaming as well both are bad but finding the middle ground is hard. i do have fibroymialgia bad discs...which worsen with bad sleep. studies done on a person while sleeping is new wave but effective for some i have not been tested but is also an option to discuss with your doctor.
maremarie; responded:
Hi, I have that problem sometimes as well. Believe it or not, sometimes it's caused by what I eat and when, but most of the time it's because there is something in my life that is bothering me, and it comes out in nightmares. I had one the other night where zombies were chasing me and I was climbing a trellis to get to safety, and I woke up with a charliehorse. I have a lot of "I'm lost, or trying to get away from something" nightmares, and it's usually because of something underlying. So, I'd say maybe think about things that you might be burying, and also I'm a big fan of Benydryll as well (not sure I spelled that right) because it does help you sleep better, plus you don't feel groggy in the morning!
pamandbobby4ever responded:
That sounds so familiar...I have had extremely vivid dreams for as long as I can remember. I have Narcolepsy and based on what you are describing I would suggest that you get tested asap!! There's a great website called Narcolepsy Network that you should check out ... I'll bet that you are having some of the other N symptoms as well (tired all the time, can't ever seem to get enough sleep, "zoning out" during conversations, trouble staying awake even when you should be at your most productive, yawning all the time, etc.). Good Luck and definitely don't stop looking for answers...your body knows when something's not right and it's trying to tell you not to ignore it.
jsg1206 responded:
great to hear that someone else has my same problem (I guess), but unfortunately, I have never found a cure.... I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy almost 5yrs ago and have random very vivid dreams almost every night, then wake up exhausted...... I can remember dreams I had days ago... Finally started writing the dreams down every morning and then trying to "work" through them, find the real meaning......... Klonopin at night did not help either.......... if you find an answer or help, please let me know........

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