Can anemia cause sleep apnea?
GothicBarbie posted:
I have iron-def. anemia and signs of sleep apnea. I have not been diagnosed with the latter but am wondering if it could possibly be being caused by my anemia symptoms like the shortness of breath and so on.
Jordan_Josephson_MD responded:
Dear GothicBarbie Anemia does not cause sleep apnea. Although when you have sleep apnea you essentially stop breathing. This will cause the amount of oxygen in your blood stream to drop. This means that the amount of oxygen that is delivered to your organs including your heart and your brain is less. This can cause heart attack or stroke. When you have anemia, you have less oxygen containing capacity to start and this can worsen the amount of oxygen that is delivered and puts you at greater danger. It is very important that you treat your anemia and your sleep apnea. You might find that my book Sinus Relief Now will give you some really nice information about your potential sleep apnea. You should immediately discuss this with your doctor and you should probably go for a sleep study and see a board certified Otolaryngologist who specializes in sleep apnea. Keep us posted and good luck. All the best DrJ