insomnia after concussion?
cagmit posted:
My 20 year old daughter has had severe chronic insomnia with neck pain after suffering head concussion (front/top of head) about 4 weeks ago. it takes her 3-4 hours to fall asleep, then intermitent waking and viivid/disturbing dreams. She feels vrey sleepy but cannot fall asleep, then is fatigued all the next day. She has tried all the alternative remedies including warm milk, chamomile tea , herbal valerian/hops/skullcap capsules, yoga breathing, relaxation and nothing helps. I cannot find information on correlation with head trauma and whether healing of brain will naturally allow sleep to return to normal. She had an explosive headache after one night taking 50 mg Trazadone and is afraid to take another sleep medication, although 5 mg Ambien has been prescribed next. Any information? Thanks
brown123 responded:
Hi, I realise it's a while since this was posted but wondered what the outcome was? How long did it take for your daughter to recover? Did she have a MRI scan after the injury?