Kindly help me with my health problem
ajenifuja posted:
I am 39yars old. I am married with kids. I am a technician. It is almost 4years that I have been suffering for INSOMNIA.I have been attending hospital and doctor diagnosed DEPRESSION.I have taken many sleeping drugs but my insomnia still persist.Infact at times I may not sleep despite that I have taken sleeping drugs. I can not sleep naturally and if I did not sleep at night I will not get my self the second day. There is a saying that someone can not cheat nature. In my own case reverse is the case I can not sleep at night and I will not sleep during the day. I may be feeling like sleeping during the day but if I attempt to sleep the sleep will not come. The current sleeping tablet that I am taking now is (AMITRIPTYLINE) I take 100mg at night every day.
Please kindly help me out of my health problem.
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Ajenifuja and welcome to WebMD,

It sounds like you need to keep talking with your doctors about treatment.

I also have insomnia and know how debilitating it can be so I do a lot to help myself (dark room, cool body, a fan blowing for white noise, no watching tv in bed, etc.). What kinds of things, aside from medication, do you do for yourself?

I hope that others here will share some ideas with you.