cpap machine
An_241958 posted:
There is a difference in them. I have always had a remistar- but have changed masks from full to partial- however the partial seems to slip in the night. I also have a heated humitidifer that is a life saver. After the first winter my doctor noticed too many sinus infections and he order the heated one and what a difference.
I am beginning to think the full mask was better. I wanted something that wouldn't give me beauty lines, so I changed on my own. My doctor is so supportive.
The first time I had my eyes examined after having my machine my eyesight had improved- I even lost some weight. Not a lot.

Stick with it but work with your supplier to get the right fit for you.
I have had two friends die from sleep apnea because they didn't wear their mask to bed. So listen to your doctor.
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