Can't get back to sleep after waking from power naps?
FundamentalGuy posted:
I am in the process of exploring Intermezzo, recently approved by the FDA on an as needed basis. No need to predict when you will wake up kowing you will not be able to get back to sleep until you have to be awake.

It is a rapidly absorbed low dose form of the active ingredient in Ambien
So if one wakes and can commit at least four hours to sleep it can be taken.

Subjects in clinical trials were even given driving tests.

By not taking every time before one needs to get to sleep along with the low dose it might help reduce building tolerance (which terries me with any medication. I do not think there are issues with physical addictionbut ask your Doc as ia will next week
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Let us know how it goes for you, FundamentalGuy.