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Anon_48497 posted:
I have worn a mask since 2003. Also, I'm a 'mouth breather', but my mouth stays closed when in use during sleep. The only times I've had distinct facial impressions from the mask I found if I loosened the mask a bit that it helped. I simply had it adjusted too tightly on my face. Also, something I haven't tried, but is available, is a simple light-weight velcro tabbed chin strap that may help. One came with my first machine. It offers support that helps keep the mouth closed as it is simply velcro strapped on top of the head. If you haven't seen one, go to a site (I use CPAP.Com) and search "Chin Support" or "Chin Strap". You will see it is very simple, hardly any weight, and offers support that helps many keep the mouth closed during sleep. It should be very inexpensive and if it works you could also do without the Bi Mash and use one good Gel Mask that covers only the nose. If you haven't tried this I think it is well worth a try. Good luck !
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MA64NANA responded:
I have had a Cpap for a couple years now, and absolutely LOVE it!! Now, I actually look forward to laying down and going to sleep. I enjoy the humidifier on the machine.

Sometimes, when I feel I am having a hard time getting enough air, I will put my mask on ...during the day, and enjoy getting the air.

I have had problems with getting my mask adjusted so that it does not "burp", but not so tight that it leaves marks on my face.

Also, I am a "mouth breather", but do not like the chin strap; it is very claustrophobic to me.

I have had quite a challenge finding the right size for my face. I am now using a small, but the gel mask still seems too long for my face.

I have a very flat but king size feather down pillow, which really does help since I am a "side" sleeper. I cannot see spending the money for a special CPAP pillow, not covered by medicare.

Most of the time now, I can go to sleep "on command" which is amazing since I have had insomnia all my life. How I thank the Lord for this CPAP machine.

It is great that I get new supplies every 3 months including the little filters for the machine. They are covered by Medicare. I even had the "bowl" for the humidifier water replaced once because it started leaking. I can get it replaced every 6 months.....I wonder how many people know u can do that?

I just wish I got more "air" during the day. I have COPD also and just feel like I need more "air" and have trouble breathing at times. I do have inhalers too and a machine for breathing treatments (which I seldom use). I shake from the albuterol that is used for the treatments.

If you have trouble sleeping, please have the test for sleep apnea. It is easy and kinda getting to go to a nice hotel for the night. I did not think it would work for me since I could not sleep at night, but I did it and used a anxiety med to help me go to sleep there.

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I was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea in 1995. My symptoms were morning headaches, weakness in the legs, irritability, ... More
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