Sleep Apnea
An_248639 posted:
I was experiencing very similar symptoms to the point that xanax, or klonopin didn't work. I ended up having a sleep study done and found out that I have an extremely severe case of sleep apnea. Basically, I would stop breathing so many times throughout the night that I was starving my body for oxygen. I just got a CPAP machiine, and I am trying to get used to it. It does take a while. It's amazing how your body can react to a lack of quality sleep. Unfortunately I let mi sleep apnea go too long untreated, and developed heart and brain damage, which wxtremely shortens my life span. I have been declared the worst case ever seen in the county I live in. I was told I have 3-4 years left. I aam too young to hear this. I don't know how old you are, but get a sleep test done. It's uncomfortable, but it works.
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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thank you very much for sharing this with us here. It's a great testimonial about the absolute need to take care of sleep apnea.

I'm sorry about your prognosis and hope you prove the doctors wrong in that respect.