hopethishelps posted:
have the answer and all of ur crooked doctors are not trying to get to the bottom of this problem. This problem is clearly from red wine. i am a beer drinker i usually drink beer and when i switched to wine all of a sudden on my second or third night of drinking winne i started jumping out of bed in panic. i wasnt sure it was from wine at first i thought it was from drinking too much so i cut down on the wine went back to beer and was fine in a couple days for a few days, but when i drank a single glass of wine again the problem came right back its taking another few days to get this garbage out of my body to get well again. i hate that people these days find themselfs in a seriously bad condition and your doctors that you trust your life with get you even more messed up on pills or w.e without really digging deep into the problem which at times is pretty damn obvious.scumbags want to make just a lil extra money by prescribing as much prescriptions as possible, i have experienced this first hand many times.
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