Narcolepsy and nutrition
tedayoung posted:
Hi all, I am a narcoleptic and also I have sleep apnea. I recently joined a program called optifast to lose weight, it is a program that is Dr. monitored that you do not eat food at all you only consume their nutrient shakes. I have been on this program for 5 weeks now and my narcolepsy uncontrollable sleep attacks have gone completely away. I'm no Dr. but I do know that there seems to be some type of relationship between nutrients and narcolepsy. I recommend to those who want to try meal replacement like Optifast to lose weight or see if their narcolepsy eases up then check out EAS lite a more affordable shake sold by EAS. Good luck to everyone and any questions drop me an email. Like I said my narcolepsy was as bad as it gets and for some reason after 5 weeks of not eating and only consuming optifast shakes I have been almost completely symptom free and also sleeping less.
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lisarizzo responded:
I have narcolepsy and only weight 100 pounds to me weight does not cause narcolepsy
An_248381 replied to lisarizzo's response:
That's not what he's saying. He's saying the concentrated nutrients he has been consuming lately have taken away his narcolepsy symptoms.
123pinkrabbit responded:
I find this interesting, because I have found that if I do not eat during my day other than first thing in the morning, which can only consist of fruit and yogurt that I do not have any symptoms as well, and I am able to power through my day. However, that is not a healthy way to live, so I have been looking for an alternative, so thank you for your info.
AnnE5 responded:
I've lost a lot of weight; didn't help. I'll try daytime fast, after Thanksgiving, that is.