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Effects of smoking on health and why it becomes an addiction and way to quit...
dips88 posted:
Effects of smoking is a widely discussed topic. It is the major reason behind the cancer. The tresses of nicotine can be found in semen and even in breast milk. Follow the link to know more about ill effects .Passive smoking can also cause cancer in the person who never smokes. Find more about passive smoking here . The common diseases attached to smoking are discussed here . . Long exposer to smoking alters endocrine hormone function in women and leads to menstrual dysfunction, infertility and earlier menopause (US Department of Health Human Services, 2001 ). Smoking is highly damaging during pregnancy . To know more click here Nicotine is a psychological stimulant. At the initial stage fresh smokers typically find it speeds up simple reaction time, improves the tasks of sustained reaction time calms them down when they are stressed or in a bad mood but little evidence provides its effectivity in self medication in these situations . Soon they grow tolerance toward these effects and eventually they disappear. At these point stimulation of nicotine provide them the reason to take the addiction further down . The withdrawal symptoms also resist smokers from quitting . Know more about nicotine withdrawal here and
Quit Smoking Quitting smoking is the best option one could avail instead of 'lite cigarette' or smokeless nicotine agents. There are various ways to quit smoking. Have a look at these websites to know more about it . One of the popular ways of quitting cigarette is E-Cigarettes. This electronic cigarettes do not have harmful chemicals and help to fight withdrawal symptoms. Get a clear picture about them here and here
To know more about Smoking related facts click the following links

brianburgess responded:
Well the above side effects discussed is very much true & there is possibility that one may face many side effects of smoking, so it is high time to realize all issues related to smoking, basis on which one can decide to quit this deadly habit once for all.

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HI- after smoking for 40+ years- I WILL/MUST STOP SMOKING! Why- IT IS TIME!! I don't the changes in my body- breathing, coughing, ashma-like breat...More

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One word to help to quit smoking - "DIET"
I quit after smoking no less than 2 packs a day for over 40 years. I am a truck driver and all I have to do is light one up as a new ... More
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