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I am totally addicted to the taste of cigarettes.
goofyirene posted:
I am not addicted to the nicotein in cigarettes. None of the anti smoking items are of any help to me. I am however totally addicted to the taste. Is there anything I can do so that I too can quit smoking? Last time I quit cold turkey, lasted 3 1/2 months of sheer torture and gained 35 pounds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have even had two doctors try to hypnotize me. That didn't work either.

Thank you, Irene
PinkRose7 responded:
I tried a Liberty Mist Electronic Cigarette and that helps if you enjoy the taste, for me it was seeing the smoke come out of my mouth. This gives both the taste and motions of smoking without actually smoking.
goofyirene replied to PinkRose7's response:
Rose, how do I find out about these electronic cigarettes?
srhaly replied to goofyirene's response:
If you email me I can get you in touch with a distributor. The electronic cigarette comes also in a varitey of flavors, (pineapple, strawberry) also they can be used anywhere, resturants,planes. etc.
goofyirene replied to srhaly's response:
Thank you very much Rose. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Irene
Firesider replied to goofyirene's response:
The taste of a cigarette can definitely be very habit forming. I think this will help you:

To those that have decided to end their addiction there is the "Become an Ex" program, which is being presented by the Ad Council and the American Legacy Foundation.

The marketing company I work for picked up this campaign recently. The "Become an EX" Plan is a program that will help you pick your smoking habit apart into little pieces you can tackle one by one. Once you begin, you'll start to look at learning how to quit smoking not as one huge war, but as a series of small battles you can actually see yourself winning.

EX focuses on how to handle your individual smoking triggers - like coffee, alcohol or stress -without smoking. You can find out more about The Ex Plan here: Become an EX
c_man2 responded:
Somebody needs a Zack Thwack. Anybody know who Zack is?
goofyirene replied to Firesider's response:
Firesider, I appreciate your effort, but from what I could tell about this site they also ultimately believe I am addicted to nicotein. My system has always been abnormal when it comes to almost any substances except food. Once I started smoking, the only time I didn't want to smoke was when I was pregnant or nursing. Very few medications of any kind work or work well in my system. That definately causes my doctors problems. I am just grateful I was able to control my type2 diabetes with my diet, because the meds didn't help much either. I have never found a pain med that works either, so I suffer 24/7 with back pain and a headache.

Rose, I am still waiting to hear back from you.

Thank you both, Irene )
goofyirene replied to c_man2's response:
Zack Thwack?
Firesider replied to goofyirene's response:
How have things been Goofyirene? It's been about a month since your last post and I wanted to know how the fight was going.
goofyirene replied to Firesider's response:
Thanks firesider,

Neither srhaly or PinkRose7 have responded to me.
I don't understand why someone would offer to help, then not bother to answer back.

The fight is going nowhere.

Anyone out there know about the smokeless cigarettes?
softhearted01 replied to goofyirene's response:
I too have the electronic cigarettes and love them. I got mine at this has given me the hand to mouth motion and the taste that i struggle so much with. I hope this helps you and good luck with your battle. It has been 6 months for me and still going strong.
goofyirene replied to softhearted01's response:
softhearted01, thank you so much for the information. I saved their page to my favorites list and will br checking it out very soon. Again, many thanks, Irene )

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