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please help me!
alizelologirl posted:
My name is Laura and i'm 21. I need help to quit smoking. My dad use to smoke and he tries helping me but he hasn't given me advice that's helped me. I haven't done much to try quitting but i have tried quitting cold turkey. I have only had 1 cig in the past 4 days and the only reason i had it was because i had a lot of stress. I have heard of the patch, the electronic cig, and the gum. I have heard the patch works and I've noticed other people on here talking about their experience with the electronic cig. Someone please just help me quit so i can get my life back instead of "death on a stick" controling my life. I have lost friends because i smoke and also lost my boyfriend because of them. Please tell me how you were able to quit. I would more than love to know how each of you did it so i could try them out and maybe get my life back. Oh also i am sort of on a budget so those products that cost like $150... NO THANKS! Anything under $100 or maybe things that you figured out how to do that was free or something you would normally do anyways would be awesome (i heard switching to another thing to "crutch" on like coffee is helpful). THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND ADVICE. Its greatly greatly appreciated!
Spesh1 responded:
I am having great success using Chantix. See your doctor for a script. It is truly an amazing drug. I have been clean for two weeks now. Good luck to you!
feefee replied to Spesh1's response:
Are you experiencing any of the mood swings / weird dreams that I've heard about with Chantix?

Also Chantix was giving the first month free, not sure if they are still doing that.
Spesh1 replied to feefee's response:
No I'm not. In fact, I was worried about nightmares because my dreams were so vivid already. They became sweet dreams, and I'm not the only one who's experienced that. At time I've been angry, but I contribute that to my personality, rather than the drug. Go for it!

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