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    i am a chonic 2 pack a day smoker needing support
    Just1Time posted:
    i smoke no matter what I am doing...eating, drinking, music, walking, driving, sitting on the porch, whatever, and it is SO EXPENSIVE and i know i am slowly killing myself. though I am still young, my mother and my grand mother both were diagnosed with lung cancer...however both passed from unrelated types of cancer in the past few years. I am putting myself at higher risk....I want so badly to even just cut my daily smokes in half, then in half again, not even cold turkey ( because believe me I have tried that and failed sorely) but i feel weak, it's so overpowering. Any suggestions?
    quittingcold responded:
    At one point in my life I smoked up to 60 cigarettes per day and i'm only 24!! 2 years ago I quit cold turkey and what really helped me was writing about it to keep my mind and hands occupied. I kept a log of what I was experiencing (which is now a published book) but it really helped because it occupied the 2 most notorious actions of smoking, thinking about it and doing it. As for drinking just refrain if you can for the first week or have a green tea next to you (plain) to sip on, ironically it tastes just like an ashtray!

    Another think you can do to at least get over cigarettes (and some people will disagree but anything is worth a shot in the dark) switch to cigars for a while and dont have any cigarettes. You get your nicotine, smoke, the taste plus the feeling of wanting to vomit at the end of each one! Best of all if you do it for 3 weeks without having a cigarette you should be completely over cigarettes and since you never really preferred cigars to cigarettes it should be a heck of a lot easier to stop smoking cigars.

    As for the walking bit, when you quit replace your feeling of teeth gritten, anxiety into a bubbly high of getting more oxygen into your brain and go with it. If your walking feeling pumped and jittery run as fast as you can for as long as you can until that feeling is gone, you are winded and your lungs ache.

    Hopefully some of these tips can assist you or others reading this!
    larvic responded:
    First let me say, you are doing a great job! First by wanting to quit for your self, Second for being Strong & staying Strong! You can only do it for Yourself. The expense is a high price to pay and you have seen it first hand with your Mother & Grandmother. You can do it for yourself,the cost,the smell,the nasty taste in your mouth that's left over from each & every Cigarette,plus the stress of wanting to quit. Wondering each day if your sick or going to get sick like your Family Members! Give yourself lots of credit each & everyday for the great choices you made. Stay Strong & take one step at a time. Believe in who it is you Believe! Tell yourself you can do it and You will.. God Bless
    larvic replied to larvic's response:
    thank you

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