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Quit Date Set Two Weeks From Today.
Rozewyn posted:
I originally came here tonight to find out how to safely remove excessive ear wax, and instead I end up posting here on the Smoking Cessation Community.

I am 20 years old, female, and I've been smoking for four years. I started due to stress and depression. Cigarettes became my emotional crutch for dealing with conflict in my life. For the past four years, my family has begged me to quit. In the past year alone, my boyfriend has desperately tried every way to get me to quit. It wasn't until actually reading some of the articles, and success stories that I realize I can quit, that I need to quit. Even at this young an age, I can feel the side effects of smoking, and I don't like them at all. When I catch a cold, I feel ten times worse. I can't run a short distance without becoming extremely winded. I smell terrible, and my teeth are turning yellow. Smoking never made me feel attractive, it actually does the exact opposite and makes my self-esteem worse.

So I'm writing this post to hopefully get some emotional support because I'm scared to quit, scared to fail quitting and have my family, friends, and boyfriend be disappointed in me.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi and welcome,

I'm here for you in both ways! :)
Visit our Ear, Nose & Throat Community for your ear wax question.
OK that's the easy part!

I quit many years ago, and I want you to be able to say that when you are my age. (Let's not go there) :)
It was the best thing I ever did for myself!
For you to realize it, as I did at a young age, that you need to quit is a good thing.

Listen though, don't worry about quitting and relapsing. It took me just once to quit. It's difficult I won't kid you, but it's doable and I decided I would never go back there and I didn't. You can too. Let go of thoughts of failure and look forward. It really was the best thing I ever did for myself, walking, running, and just living got easier!
Come here for support, and get that wax out too!

WebMD Community Staff
Spesh1 responded:
Hello, and congratulations on your decision. I hope you keep visiting this site, because it helped me, and there's not much support out there for us. I can highly recommend Chantix, as it worked for me after 35 years of smoking. You have to see your doctor to get it. Let me know if you decide to go this route, as I will have more advice if you do. If not, good luck with cold turkey.

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