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    when is it official that I quit smoking?
    crankshaftt5 posted:
    December 27,2010 I stopped smoking, 70 yrs. old 3+ packs a day, 55 yrs. of smoking.. I made a sign " STOP SMOKING, SAVE $360.00 A Month" . Every time I want a butt I look at that sign and realize that maybe I can live on my small Social Security check. My hand still pats my chest pocket out of habit, but I am determand I WILL stop smoking. No one knows I am doing this, but I am the one who is feeling better and not hacking any more. I have not said I "QUIT" yet, but I have "STOPPED". When is it official that I "QUIT", I don't know but I am really trying, it's hard. I WILL SUCCEED.
    sheilamonty61 responded:
    please letme know how you are doing with this. I am 49 going on 50 this coming oct 2011 and I really want to be smoke free, I am discusted with myself, I have quit everything that was habit forming especially cocaine without rehab and I know I can quit, if I can quit drugs I should have no problem wiht cigarettes. Like you I am a pack a day smoker and on a disablity so I want to know if it works putting up a sign saying QUIT SMOKING and SAVE $360 a month!
    crankshaftt5 replied to sheilamonty61's response:
    Take the number of packs a day times 30, times the price per pack, thats your cost per month. Be honist with your info. and think of what you could use that money for. I have large credit card bill from perscriptions I take and am using my butt money to help pay this bill I stopped smoking December 27th, 2010 and now I don't even have a desire to sneak one, and I feel a lot better also ( no hacking, and shortness of breath is getting better) You can do it you just have to tell yourself the benifits and give it a go. GOOD LUCK!
    sheilamonty61 replied to crankshaftt5's response:
    Thank you for your time to let me know how you are doing now I need to set my mind up and not pick up any more packs of cigarettes, I need to quit first in ordwer for my husband to follow! I have this natural spray that helps take the craving away, I don't need a cigarette when I am at work My problem is sitting at the computer, I will smoke! I have asthma and that should be enough for me to stop but it doesn't matter ..I am NOW going to make the sign you did and see if that will help me! Thank you again and congrats to you for quitting!
    crankshaftt5 replied to sheilamonty61's response:
    If you can get your husband involved ( don't harp on him ) make this quitting effort a team venture,let him see these correspondences. I don't know what that "natural spray" is, but this is what I did. Get some hard candy ( sugar free if you have diabetic problems) suck on one of these as you are doing things that make you want a butt, my choice is a root beer barrel, they last a long time and have a good flavor. Another thing that helped me was "big red" chewing gum.
    Every day that I don't smoke gives me a better feeling and I know the house smells a lot better. I live alone with my cat and I think the cat knows something is different because she now stays closer to me. You keep up the good work towards quitting and I know you will feel a lot better for it, and don't forget to praise yourself as this effort continues. Keep me posted.
    crankshaftt5 responded:
    April 5,2011; A reply to myself ! Day 100, and am still looking at that little sign, and I think I can say " I QUIT ", I must admit every once in a while I still think about it but I say to myself , No I don't need one. People have laughed at me about that sign , but it is really helping me. Maybe I just wanted to quit, but I think I am going to make it. $1,100 saved, maybe that little sign works.
    Staggale replied to crankshaftt5's response:
    Good for you!!!!! I quit almost two months ago and I can honestly say that it's been the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done. Looking forward to my 100 day anniversary like you.

    And yes, after 100 days I think you can officially say that you've quit!!!!!!!!

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