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asthma attacks since cutting back
dourkraut posted:
I have been cut down to 3 or 4 cigs a day from a 20 cig a day habit for 2 weeks. I am a 12 yr smoker determined to quit, I am taking Bupoprion daily to help out. I have started working out and running again to help my progress and to motivate me to skip those last few cigs I can't seem to shake. I have always been active since I started smoking, I play ultimate frisbee competetively and league softball as well as having a high demand labor position, so I am not un-used to exerting myself. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was very young, but I haven't had a problem with it in 16 yrs. In the last 4 days I have been having awful attacks, usually before bed. I have purchased a primatene mist inhaler that helps me get to sleep. I try not to use it, I try to fight it off by breathing warm, moist air as that used to help when I was young. But my lungs hurt when I take a deep breath and inevitably, without the inhaler, it leads to an attack. Last night was the last straw, I woke up twice and had to shoot the inhaler and again when I woke this morning. I am going to see my doctor this week, but in the meantime, can someone tell me if this common? I feel like I'd rather smoke than have constant asthma attacks, its scary and painful. Is it possible that I am trying to rehab my lungs too quickly?
AsthmaHelpme responded:
I have the same problem. Diagnosed with Asthma at a very young age. Have not had any problems with my asthma for 15 years. Had my last puff of a cigarette on May 2, and on May 9th ended up in the hospital with a severe attack. I wish someone would just answer the question - Does quitting smoking cause asthma attacks? How long will the asthma be out of control? I don't want to smoke anymore but if I would rather smoke than have constant asthma.
dourkraut replied to AsthmaHelpme's response:
I officially quit april 31, and my attacks have subsided but not gone completely. I guess that my advice at this point would be to stick with it, we are at the same point having quit at the same time. Despite having exercise induced attacks and occasional attacks while sleeping, I have a prescription inhaler that keeps it in check. My lungs feel fantastic and I am running daily and I will never go back! Congrats on quitting and keep your chin up, I hope you are able to control your asthma as I have mine. Every time I want to have a smoke I just take a deep breath and fill up my lungs to remind myself that I couldn't before!

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