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My Motivation!
vanessadawn posted:
I am on my preparation week for my start date of September 25th to slap on the patch and QUIT! I recently tried Chantix again and this time it made me REALLY ill with daily nausea and headaches, so I am going to try nicotine patches. I have been smoking for 23 years.

Anyway, I LOVE smoking, I enjoy it, I am a "food" smoker; a "phone" smoker, a "car" smoker, a "social" smoker, but most of all I am a "STRESS" smoker. I know it is stinky, smelly, causes health problems...blah, blah, blah....but I didn't care. I have two kids and I told them "if you ever smoke, I will kick your butt!" What a hypocrite I am, huh!?!? Then, August 6th came and changed everything.

My mother, age 62, was in a minor fender-bender which brought on symptoms of a mild heart attack. I was scared out of my mind, she of course played it down, even herself signing forms at the emergency area wherein they allowed her to go outside and smoke. None of us really ever thought that smoking was THAT dangerous. On 8/6 she was admitted for observation and tests, on 8/7 they confirmed the heart attack and moved her to a better hospital which was actually, her PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT. On that day she told me that she would be undergoing a heart cath on the 9th and she'd know more. That evening brought the call that crushed my world, a nurse on the phone said, "you need to get down here as quick as you can"...I collapsed to my knees in tears. They were afraid that by the looks of the heart cath she did NOT have more than 3-6 months to live without SEVERE intervention. We drove to be by her side and what usually takes us 10 hours took us 8 hours. Getting to my mother before she came out of open heart surgery was the most important thing in my life at that very moment.

My mom raised 2 kids, on her own, she was my mom and my dad. She was SUPERMOM, completely invincible and untouchable; or so we thought. The only thing keeping my mother's heart beating was a vein on the backside of her heart that literally dropped down and re-routed blood to keep her alive. She had (appx) 8 blockages, including both corotid arteries in her neck. She was a "ticking massive heart-attack time-bomb". Speculation led to "she could drop dead at any minute". We were devastated.

Long story short, my mom IS STILL SUPERMOM, just a little calmed down for the recovery period. She is the most important person in my life next to my 2 kids (oh, and the husband..haha). I love her so very much and am using her as my source of motivation to QUIT SMOKING for GOOD!

ANYONE can accomplish ANYTHING they set their mind to, I used to hear this all the time and thought it was a load of BS. Now, I am trying to take it to heart...literally. I do NOT want to be on that cardiac table having my chest cut open and doctors trying to work miracles to save me. I want to quit and I want to live. I will probably have set-backs, minor trip-ups and cravings along the way but I am bound and determined to not only break this addiction for my mom but for myself and to set an example for my kids and to NOT be a hypocrite!

Thanks for reading - any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
PS: Hopefully, I did nothing wrong's my first post!

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totolost responded:
I am pretty surprised that no one replied to your post. I rarely reply, just read the posts. But I DO have something to say on the subject.

I am a 62 yr old woman that had smoked for about 45 years. I LOVED to smoke. Two years ago I decided to TRY the electric cigarette. I was truely terrified to try it. Not sure why. Then I did and pretty much stayed with it. I think the only time I had to smoke an actual cigarette was when I didn't order the liquid nicotine soon enough before I ran out or one of the parts quit working and I did not have a back up. I try really really hard now for that to never happen again. I love love love the e-cig. My cough stopped right away and I can finally smell food and other things, good and bad. I can "vape" inside the house, car, movie theater, airport, resturants and around my grandkids with no harm to anyone. You learn to stealth vape.
I order my kits from Excellent service! I order my liquid from It is so much cheaper than smoking and and youtube are full of great support and info.
I hope this gives you some food for thought
forlife731 responded:
Thank you. I needed to hear some of this. My health is the primary concern. I have smoked for 26 years and realized this year that I have more to live for and want to be able to share with the people I care about. Starting today.
TAZ27 responded:
Although I have quit before, I started again. This time I quit for good because I've had the HPV virus and no one told me smoking would make it worse until about three months ago when I was sent to a Gynecological Oncologist. I had a biopsy which showed VIN3 which is the stage before cancer. I had surgery to remove the cells and the surgeon said that unless I quit smoking, it would return and the healing would take much longer than usual. He said it was my choice. I didn't have to think about it, went and got the patches right away and am smoke free. I always went back to smoking because my husband smokes but not this time. For the first time I can actually see what smoking has done to my body. I never had any symptoms of any kind before so I couldn't see any harm happening. Now I realize how wrong that was and that we can't always see the harm that smoking is doing to our body until it's too late. I hope those of you reading this won't make my mistake and stop now before you have any symptoms.
dibevco replied to totolost's response:
Sounds good. The e-cig is the only think I haven't tried. I'm going to order right away. I will think of you and your success as I tackle this method.

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