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    harder after 10 weeks smoke free
    maria920 posted:
    I've noticed that it is getting harder for me to fight the cravings more now than when I first quit 10 weeks ago. When does this get easier? Does it get easier? I used the patch for the full 8 weeks. I am now in my second week without the aid of the patch. I'm wondering if I am just really starting to feel the effects of withdrawal. I noticed that I do not have the energy or excitement I had when I first quit. My cravings are very strong at times, but I don't want to give into them. I need to keep busy but not feeling very self motivated right now . Lack of concentration. I just want a cigarette. I thought this would have passed by now. Any advice to get over this hump would be appriciated.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Maria, You could be right and it's that you're only just now feeling the physical effects with the patch out of the picture now. Are you drinking plenty of water, particularly when you have that craving? Doing any kind of exercise? Have you replaced the habit of smoking with something else? Do you have a support system beyond this board? Any friends you can arrange to call when you need support? You can get through this and yes, it definitely does get easier. Ride this out.
    maria920 responded:
    Caprice, I do excercise, but it's getting to the point where I'm not as motivated as I used to be. I need to really force my self to get on the treadmill. Yes I do drink water, I feel like I'm drowning in water. My husband is wonderful support. He quit smoking 11 yrs ago, did it cold turkey and never looked back. He always said to me you'll quit when your ready. Now here I am I was ready, I did it and I don't want to ever go through this again, I need to keep pressing forward. I guess I was just expecting it to be easier as time passed. I have a cousin who is my quit partner and we have been each others support and it has been great having someone you can talk to thats going through the same thing. The one thing I have not done was replace the habit with something else. I am trying so hard not to eat as a replacement. Any Suggestions? I do find things to do to keep me busy but that only last for so long. Then I go into this funk, I refuse to give in to this feeling. It's not so much a craving for a cigarette, But I just don't feel like myself right now. I'm hoping this to will pass. I don't like feeling this way.
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I hope that alone keeps you motivated.... the desire not to go through this again. " align="top" border="0"> That's great that you have a quit buddy. I hope others will have some suggestions for you. For me, I needed both mind and hand distraction, so something like a handheld games (nintendo DS, that kind of thing), jigsaw puzzles, computer games, that kind of thing. But you have to find something that works for you, fits well into your life at least for a while. And it can also help you if you reach out to help others in their quit, posting to others on the board. When we express support to others in their quit, it can clarify to ourselves why we need to keep with our own. :-)Keep at it, Maria! You can do this!

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