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Acne is nonstop since I quit smoking....
BeauJolie posted:
I quit smoking almost 3 months ago.... I feel fantastic. I smoked for 18 years. But since I quit smoking, nothing but acne all the time. Each night & morning is a feeling of dread when I have to see myself in the mirror. This is even worse then when I was a teenager. After reading these posts... I feel a bit more normal... But how much longer will this last? It's REALLY getting to me.
Loren6882 responded:
Thank goodness its not just me. I smoked for 10 years, and quit for a week now. Almost immediately my entire body broke out in acne. Its horrible, other threads have said 6 months. It makes me want to smoke again:(
monabone responded:
I quit smoking about a month ago, and i broke out in acne on my face and all over my chest. along with other side effects that seem more normal for quitting. like coughing up junk and feeling congested, feeling sick, feeling tired, food tasting different. but the acne..
Is this related?
I'm feeling pretty confident I won't go back to being a smoker, I just wanna know when Im gonna quit coughing and breaking out!
monabone replied to monabone's response:
Ive also smoked everyday for the past 8 years and am 22 and have never had acne. I also quit all forms of alcohol at same time.
I was stoked to have brighter skin and feel better. I look like crap and have a horrible cough and sore throat.
I'm willing to endure this to enjoy the rewards later, but for how long? Having trouble finding anything on acne relations to detoxing on internet.
mslovelypop responded:
OMG! I am going thru this right now? Does anybody know why this happens? I had very nice skin, and smoked for 17 years if not more. I'M 21 days clean today but my acne has increases dramatically.

I don't get it. Did the smoke help keep my skin clear?

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