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Joint pain after quitting
LaDonnaSharp posted:
In April of this year, I switched cigarette brands and cut back the amount and where I could smoke. At the end of April, I began using the patches. I stopped all nicotine on June 3, 2012. My right elbow joint began to hurt around the the end of May. It's very painful to pick up things or carry items with my right hand/arm. Within the last two weeks the knuckle joint of the left pointer finger and thumb is hurting. I cannot grasp things with my left hand without discomfort and assistance from the equally bum right arm. I had a short quit in 2006 and also experienced joint pain but that time the pain was in my knees. I used the patches in 2006 for the full 8 weeks and was at the doctor for blood work (normal) and chiropractor (didn't help) five months after quitting smoking/beginning the patches. I began smoking regularly again after about 6 months and my joint pain eventually went away. I've been a vegetarian for 6 years (yes, I get plenty of protein), practice yoga 3x a week, exercise and walk/run almost daily. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day since quitting this time, getting plenty of sleep, watching my calories (gained 25 lbs last quit but finally lost it with The Break-Up Diet 2 yrs ago) and salt intake and I even stopped alcohol consumption. I do not normally have joint pain or aches except for an old shoulder injury during a weather change. I cannot find any medical documents on joint pain AFTER quitting smoking. I have read blogs where others are experiencing this but no studies or journal articles addressing it. I have not been to a physician as I do not have medical insurance. I thought I'd post here for any suggestions before beginning the quest for a physician who is educated in nicotine addiction and isn't bed fellows with Big Pharma. Thank you in advance. Namaste.
jenna40 responded:
Wow.... I too am experiencing severe joint pain and stiffness since quitting smoking. The first month after not smoking I felt great!!!! All @ once I noticed my left wrist being very stiff, sore and just aching. Within a day or so the right hand started. Then it became my elbows, and shoulders. OK, now this is pain that has not let up since..... The only thing I have found that relieves it at all is alieve or a really high dose of ibuprofen. The pain is often in my knees ,ankles and toes.....??????? !!!!!!!! I too have no insurance and am at a loss. This has been 4 months now of constant pain and discomfort, I am now extremely stressed and depressed and it is consuming me. If you find further info on this plz inform me as I will do the same for you. Wishing you all the best.
mellow234 responded:
I also have begun experiencing joint pain in my ankles and knees after quitting smoking. In addition, I am always tired and lethargic. I'm 54 years old and all if a sudden feel like an 80 year old net having any energy and slowly shuffling up and down the stairs
carley10 replied to mellow234's response:
I quit smoking 5 months ago and I started having joint pain in my knees about 4 weeks ago. I work full time. I am always tired and my knees hurt even if I am standing, sitting, walking, etc. Is anybody has found any studies on this please share.
quit1122 replied to carley10's response:
Are you fine now cuz i have this problem now -83D-E23

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