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    Just quit on the 21st, need support
    PreCious95 posted:
    I just quit on the 21st cold turkey. Today was the worst so far. I was hopeful it would be better but, no. I did some reading and read 2 weeks of withdrawls? OMGish I am doubting myself. My friend suggested getting the patch but, I have already done 5 days with none. Ug! Any help/tips anything I would appreciate it. Thanks!
    An_249276 responded:
    I am going through the same thing! I quit cold turkey, and it has now been three weeks. I know many of my urges are simply from years of a habit that I no longer do. After a week I did buy a vapor cigarette that I allow myself to use once or twice a day when my mood is nasty. Do not doubt yourself...this is the hardest thing we will ever do but we can do it!!! Isn't it nice to not stink like a cigarette?
    iladee replied to An_249276's response:
    I wanted to say "GREAT JOB" to both of you! I think you are doing amazing! I have been smoking since I was 17; that is almost 20 years. I 'quit' a few times for a very short time, many years ago. That was when you could smoke in bars and I was young and at bars a lot. LOL Anyways, my hubby and I have been seriously discussing quitting for good and are making a game plan. We are both disabled and sufer from chronic pain and illnes and I use my smokes as a crutch. I know my health, as well as hubby's, is going south from lack of exercise and smoking. I just wante dto say that I am using you two as my inspiration. I will be on this blog for quite a while, offering support and getting some. I think support is a major factor in keeping from smoking. WAY TO GO!!!! YOU CAN DO IT FOR LIFE!!! Ila
    Granny58 responded:
    Hang in there Hunny, if you have gone since the 21st, of November I am are well on the road to being a non-smoker. I smoked for over 30 years and quit cold turkey seven years ago..reward yourself when you can and be proud. Clean out the closet and your dresser drawers and realize you do not smell like that it for you....walk when your urges are strong and do something for you, chew gum, use mints, stay away from the things that you included in your smoking such as tea or coffee, will be just fine..I promise.
    Bud452752 responded:
    Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking. I quit on the 29th of March and have been smoke free now for almost 9 months. I had been a smoker for 48 years (pack a day) and came down with a serious lung infection last year at Christmas time and it spoiled my holidays and scared the heebie jeebies out of me and the doctors told me 'I had to quit smoking'. For 3 months I tried accupuncture, Zyban, cold turkey and I thought I could never do it. My final attempt was with the patch and I did the 10-week program - it wasn't easy - hardest thing I ever did but I did it and if I can so can you. Get some support with a group or a counsellor, stay busy and just remember N.O.P.E.(not one puff ever). Good luck and if you need anymore support I will try to help.
    4myk9z replied to An_249276's response:
    Way to go on the quitting but please rethink the "vapor" cigarette... it's entirely TOO MUCH LIKE SMOKING! Plus it's still feeding the nicotine addiction AND the hand/mouth issue. Another problem is with the vapor itself which, after much research, is NOT harmless in and of itself as it contains a derivative similar to antifreeze which is quite toxic, especially being heated and inhaled into the lungs. I also tried the vaporettes in my quest to quit (as well as gum, finally patches) and noticed severe hoarseness and shortness of breath which resoved when I quit the vapor smoking. They are quite new and the jury is still out on their safety.... I just think they are too close to the real thing to realistically KICK the habit with them.

    Hope that helps. I've been off since 8/8/12 and feel great. Have maintained my weight too so you don't HAVE to gain weight either. God bless on your journey!
    monkus responded:
    All I can say is "don't smoke." I have 2 smokes left in a box--so maybe I'm not qualified yet to preach--but I CAN tell that every time I've quit for a few days, I have really had NO withdrawal symptoms. I exercise and walk a lot--can you do that? It really helps keep the mood good. Best wishes to you!
    monkus replied to Bud452752's response:
    Congratulations Bud! I'd like to know if you feel better. I've smoked about 40 years, but inconsistently--sometimes a pack a day, sometimes only 1 or 2 smokes a day. Keep up the good work, and let me know if you feel better!
    Bud452752 replied to monkus's response:

    Monkus: Yes I do feel much better. I have battled high blood pressure for years also and it has now been normal for the past 6 months. I don't stink of smoke anymore, clothes, hair and my home. I still miss it at times, especially in the morning with my coffee and after a meal but have stayed strong for my health and it is 10 months to-day for me so I hope and pray that I never go back. It's tough but doable - just have to remember N.O.P.E.(not one puff ever) Good Luck to all that is going through this journey.
    PreCious95 responded:
    Today is day72 of being smoke free! I am happy with myself. Out of habbit I still want to go smoke often but, I am doing OK. :0)

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