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The flu and smoking
alamotte posted:
On Saturday, Dec 2nd I came down with the flu. I was aching all over, couldn't get comfortable, fever and all the common symptoms of the flu. It's now the 11th and while my fever is gone and I am able to eat and have no more body aches, I still am feeling tired.

NOW...prior to having the flu I have been a smoker, but since I got the flu on the 2nd I have not had one single cigarette. The other 2 people in the house smoke, but I have full out quit smoking the second that I knew that I had the flu.

I am still feeling tired, not dizzy but a little light headed, and I am still coughing. Is this because I still have the flu, or is it because my body is detoxing from smoking. I started smoking when I was 14 and I am 34 now. The doctor suggested that I stop smoking when I got the flu, now it disgusts me to even smell smoke. So I know that I am not going to ever again.

Jonathan Foulds, PhD responded:
Well done for quitting smoking. Are you still quit, and have the coughing and light-headedness improved any?
alamotte replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
I am actually doing A LOT better. 28 days later and I still am not smoking! The cough is gone, and the light-headiness is also gone. Still having the cravings and everything, and I constantly want to eat. Is that one of the symptoms of quitting smoking? I know fatigue is, and I am going through that.
Jonathan Foulds, PhD replied to alamotte's response:
Fantastic...I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and feeling better. Increased appetite is certainly an effect of quitting smoking. Fatigue, on the other hand, generally is not (unless as a secondary effect of difficulty staying asleep). I know lots of online guides say that fatigue is a nicotine withdrawal symptom, but it is not. Now that you are 28 days into your quit you have succeeded with the hardest part. I hope you can keep it going...and give us periodic updates.