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Trying to quit for the umpteenth time
monkus posted:
Hello everyone. I don't have much to say except I want to quit smoking. I've tried this repeatedly; I exercise almost an hour every day, do not
overeat, and am still in good shape for a 59 year old. I have 2 smokes left in a box, and I don't want to buy any more. I want this to be my last day to smoke.
Jonathan Foulds, PhD responded:
I hope you are successful....write back and let us know how it goes.
lindsayfox responded:
Keep going! Don't quit the quitting now. You've worked so hard to come thus far, make something out of it.

Try alternatives if you must (patches, gums, e cigarettes, etc.) but don't buy another pack.

Some tips to lower your cravings:

- Take a ice cold shower every time you feel like smoking. This has really helped me in the past.
- Eat something super healthy.
- Keep chatting at the forums. Members will always be really helpful and share you some of their inspiring stories.

Best of luck!
thejewel2611 responded:
Hell monkus, I hope you are well & in good spirits. Did you buy a pack of smokes? I am working the plan from this web site. I picked the quit day on Feb. 15, which is the 30 days directed. I have started working out more etc. I too have quit over & over. But I feel motivated due to the fact that I am so tired of thinking about quitting every day. So following this plan I hope to quit. I hope that this time my brain wins the fight over the cravings. That is my worst. they come from every where. I am getting ready..
lindy5064 replied to Jonathan Foulds, PhD's response:
Hi Jonathan,

I have recently quit smoking. I've smoked for way too many years, But I'm concerned because I'm reading that most people are coughing up a lot after they quit. I'ts been 3 weeks for me and I'm not coughing up anything? I do have like a frog in my throat but just no cough. Will that come later?
Please answer if you can.. worried here.
Thanks so much.
thejewel2611 replied to lindy5064's response:
Hello Lynn, I hope you are well & in good spirits. I don't know when coughing up tar will happen but usually the body will cleanse it's self. That frog you are writing about sounds like a dry unproductive cough. To liquify the mucus you may want to put your head over a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes 3-4x's a day. that will help bring it up. speak with your Dr. about what to expect-orate.

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