Electronic Cigarette Information. Are they healthy or not? Are they a good alternative to smoking?
prichard posted:

I have started a website than gives honest reviews about the safety and availability of electronic cigarettes. My son has used these products, and some health issues such as high blood pressure were immediately lessened. Included on the website are various strategies for quitting cigarette smoking all together. Since cigarette smoking is related to stressful situations such as health or job issues, quitting may be very hard to accomplish. If one cannot quit smoking, at least Electronic Cigarettes offer a much healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products. They can even be modified so that the nicotine dose is lowered over time. The website is located at: http://electronic-smoker.com

prichard responded:
It looks like the FDA will not be regulating electronic cigarettes. There are no carcinogens in the product, just nicotine and water vapor!