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Quit smoking 1 week ago cold turkey
An_251494 posted:
I quit one week ago cold turkey after 26 years of smoking. I have no health problems and I am a RN. Yes I am a RN, in fact a ICU RN. So I know all the health problems related to smoking. I am not overweight (I am 5' 6.5" and weigh 125-130 pounds) I eat organic and mostly veggies/beans and fruits. I take my vitamins as well and I am very active. I dont drink any pop and rarely drink any alcohol. My vice would be coffee, I absolutely love it. I have recently applied for a new job in a less stressful area at a new hospital. I decided to quit smoking and started with the patch but found out that I would have a cotinine urine test, I explained that I had quit smoking and was using the patch. Unfortunately I will not be able to have this job if any presence of the metabolites of nicotine are found in my system regardless if its the patch. So this lead to cold was hard the first 3-4 days but now I feel good about not having any urges ( I have been working on getting this mind set for along time so I will have a good quit success) but I am having all kinds of physical problems now, such as chills, hot flashes, headaches, burning in my chest and bowels, lots of flatus, some fatigue, no cough and I am not coughing anything up either. I never really had a cough as a smoker though. Please can you tell me what is happening with my body....I have done my research and mostly everything says its the body repairing itself and withdrawals but I would like to know how long this will go on for even if its a average and what is this burning sensation? I read it could be acid reflux, which I have never had heartburn in my life (Thankfully). It starts at the diaphragm and burns throughout the chest area and even in back. I also feel it in my bowels. Please help and explain some of this to me..thank you so much.
pookieouchi responded:
Hi there. I am one month smoke free doing it cold turkey as well. I am 34 years and had been smoking since 21. I have had the same issues and I have to say a lot of the ones you mention have subsided already. The sweats, chills, flatulence all subsided. I had bad constipation for a few weeks but utilized senekot along with tru-probotics and digestive enzymes and that helped immencely. I still utilize the enzymes and probotics and now am fighting the unexplained 10 lb weight gain. But I keep telling myself it is better than slowly killing my body each day. I hope this helps. There is no standard timeframe as far as all my research has shown just takes time.

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Low-level laser treatment.
I tried low-level laser treatment. It worked for me have not smoked for 2 years smoked since 18 am 60 now. More
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