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Breathing issues after quiting smoking
codydiane posted:
My sister has quit smoking after 40 years (successfully) it has been almost 2 months no nicotine taking Chantix, then 1 month no nicotine and no Chantix. several issues
1. When breathing in chest is still heavy
2. Also breathing in she gets a terrible metallic taste from lungs
3. She still feels excessively tired and has flu like symptoms

I would appreciate a prompt response, I am very worried for her.
Thanks in advance
Jonathan Foulds, PhD responded:
If the breathing heaviness sensation and other symptoms persist then it makes sense to see yhe doctor. As it was 4 weeks since last use of a smoking cessation medicine it is very unlikely due to any of these. Worth recalling that when stopping smoking, metabolism of some drugs (including caffeine) slows down, and so sometimes symptoms are due to INCREASED levels of these other drugs that are being metabolized more slowly. Again, worth discussing with the doctor. If possible let us know the outcome. Thanks.