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    16 days (cold turkey) but
    mslovelypop posted:
    I'm having trouble sleeping, feeling irritable, and a little anxious.

    Any advice?

    Otherwise, I have no desire to return. I think about cigs esp at night since that is when I smoked the most. But I love the fact I can breathe. I definitely feel like I gained a second life! I smoked for 17 years. I'm 33 years. Quit before using the gum. It worked temporarily but cold turkey I think is the best way to go!

    How about you?
    Anon_1521 responded:
    hello mslovelypop ,
    trouble sleeping, feeling irritable and anxious are all normal side effects associated with withdrawal.. I went through it and I am sure the majority of everyone here did too at some point.. Your body is getting adjusted and you too for that matter..You and your body are re-learning what it feels like to be Finally Free from the Nicotine.. Learning to live with out it. In time you will and you won't even think about it anymore because you have made the concious decision to change a piece of who you were. What a Great Accomplishment for you!!! Keep at it and keep the faith!

    All Gods' Blessing to you always, stay strong.

    itbous responded:
    Hello mslovelypop

    Always remember the reason you stopped smoking and have something to do as a distraction. Perhaps you will put on some weight, which is normal, but with exercising, not only your weight will be back to normal, but you'll also experience less cravings. A night walk will help you too, since you were smoking mostly at night. Gum's a really bad idea, tried it myself and didn't really work. Your body is used to all of the cigarette's substances and now it's trying to get rid of them. Just relax after the gym and you'll be smoke-free and healthy!
    mslovelypop replied to Anon_1521's response:
    Thanks very much Anon_1521. It's a relief to know that these feelings and experiences are normal, and that they will subside.

    I'm now at day 19 and I think about smoking less and less. But that nights are still a little hard for me. When that "releases", I'm sure I will be okay.

    Sleep deprivation causes me to stress easy.
    mslovelypop replied to itbous's response:
    Itbous, yes I remember everyday I enter my room and don't smell the smoke, I feel anew!

    I'm doing well actually except for the nighttime. Taking a walk a night might not work since I'm a little paranoid but exercise does take my mind off smoking.

    I tried the gum 5 years ago.. stopped for 3 months then went right back. For some reason, this time feels different. It feels like the right time.

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