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20 year smoker - kicked it with E-cig
jadams9240 posted:
Used to smoke for roughly 20 years, as we all know a disgusting habit. Have 2 kids and my wife is pregnant with our 3rd. Tried Clearette and never looked back. Clearette is an Electronic cigarette very close to a regular cigarette but with no tar, carcinogens or odor. My wife is thankful, I am thankful. My lungs are thankful. Hugh difference. Tobacco companies have made millions on killing us, I think its time we all wise up. Give them a try, Great Alternative
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Ulyssessays responded:
First, congratulations on freeing yourself from tobacco. One word of caution I would like to provide as a reminder -We as smokers are addicted to the nicotine and not to the tobacco. So unfortunately, switching to ecigarettes is keeping you chained to your addiction (same for patch, gum, and any nicotine replacement product). In order to truly free ourselves from this industry we need to acknowledge the fact that we are addicts and remove the drug from lives once and for all. Certain e-cigs have more nicotine than most of the popular brands of cigarettes so you could actually be increasing your addiction level on these things.

Therefore, I would suggest not giving them a try but to instead to take a moment to understand what is really keeping you locked up feeling like you "need" something just to feel normal again. Nonsmokers don't have this "need" - they feel good and relaxed all the time. Commit yourself to not having another puff or another hit of any nicotine ever again and get the constant joy, relaxation, and good feelings that the nonsmokers have at every waking moment. Let your body and mind return to normal without telling you that you need a drug.

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Low-level laser treatment.
I tried low-level laser treatment. It worked for me have not smoked for 2 years smoked since 18 am 60 now. More
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