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Might glucose help smokers to quit?
Jonathan Foulds, PhD posted:
We all know that when you stop smoking your appetite increases, and often people get a particular craving for sweet foods. It seems as though smoking (or more specifically nicotine) curbs carbohydrate craving, and when you quit it increases. A number of recent studies have found that glucose tablets (as compared with artificial sweeteners) reduce cigarette cravings, withdrawal symptoms and increase quit rates. Quite a few patients have spontaneously mentioned to me that they found that hard candies such as Jujubes or Halls Montholyptus seemed to help soothe their cigarette cravings. The theory of how glucose may be helpful is that when the smoker quits, part of their cravings are actually for carbs. If these carb cravings are quickly satiated (e.g. by a glucose tablet), then the overall craving for a cigarette will also seem to be lower. If you want a little more detail on the recent research on this, check out this link . I'd be interested to hear if any readers found that they developed a sweet tooth when they quit smoking, or if anyone found any particular foods to help them stay quit.
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Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Wow, I still eat jujubes! I quit smoking 20 years ago and still crave those darn sweets. Looking back it might have helped me quit, mentally. It was a mind set that I could spurge on those because I didn't have that cigarette I wanted.
That's very interesting, and frankly I'm glad to see that they are still doing studies to help people quit and help us fight those urges. It's been a few years since I've had a urge to smoke, but the day I quit, I knew I'd never go back.
So far so good!
Thank you for this interesting post and sharing that link with us Dr. Foulds!
An_206777 responded:
It has defenitely worked for me, I usually carry Halls or other hard candies to help with the craving, I am on my third week of quiting, using Champix as an aide.

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