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    Waking up at 3am
    sanfrangirlie posted:
    Hi Everyone,

    I am a very spiritual person who has a strong relationship in my belief in God. I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes as I live alone and every now and then I get scared that I can feel/hear something in my room. I know it mind sound crazy but I always just say a couple prayers and I am reassured and fall asleep. I am sure it is my imagination. However, every now and then I have been randomly waking up abruptly. I am wide awake at this point and completely alert when a few minutes earlier I was in a very deep sleep. I know it's just a supersticion but some say that if you wake up at 3am it means something? EVery time this happens no joke it is 3am ON the dot. Maybe it's my subconsciou waking me up? I could NOT fall back asleep last night. I had to watch tv until 530am ... Any thoughts on this?
    zebra1234 responded:
    I will pray for you, to get good rest
    rjsmth responded:
    It's just your internal clock waking you up at that time everyday. Im have the same thing. I wake up at 4 am to get ready for work. I'll be praying for you as well for a good nights rest. ron
    Belladonna_3 responded:
    A lot of psychic phenomena tends to peak at this hour.

    Waking up at the same time can have a significant meaning in that you are picking up on information from another source (person or spirit) and the hour may have some significance. ?My suggestion is that you keep a DREAM JOURNAL and record not only the times you wake up during the early hours of the morning (even if it's the same all the time), but also the dreams that come through for you. This will give you information from now and in the future. Just see what happens.

    It's also the time of night when things are most still in the world. It might simply mean that your intuition is waking you to connect with yourself.

    It could possibly even be early onset insomnia or a sleep disorder.

    Just some things for thought.

    Let me know what happens.

    Blessed Be,

    Jaythesky responded:
    Instead of watching tv, what about pray to God? I have seen many testimonies that God wakes them up around 3am to pray as an intercessor. It is said 3am is the fourth hour and is the great hour for praying. you can visit the following site for more testimonies and answer:
    jendub25 responded:
    Sanfrangirlie I think i tend to lean towards your internal clock too, everyday at 6:45 I wake up, whether it be that i have to work or not. Dont psyche yourself out and read more into than you need to because it will only make it more likely for you to wake up because of your wandering thoughts. When you do find yourself waking up, try not to think the worst, get up get a drink, read a book or Bible. Rest in the knowing that God is with you at ANY hour
    Steeliox responded:
    This is a very interesting phenomenon. I?ve spent the last year researching this topic, as it seems to be the topic of much debate. I?ve heard everything from the ?Witching Hour? to peak time of paranormal activity, to the time Emily R. from the Exorcism of Emily Rose ? was at 3am.

    I too, awake at 3:00 almost a few times a week.

    What I have found, is this has to do with a few different things. The body has an internal alarm clock so to speak, that if one night you woke at 3 am, the chances of waking up the next few nights grow in percentages. It?s your body gravitating towards a certain time that was previously set.

    I?m a very spiritual person, so there is another facet of this that is worth mentioning. Jesus died at 3 p.m. ? but if you are in America, especially in the Central time zone, 3 p.m. in the time zone that he died, is in actuality, 3 a.m. or roughly thereabouts in our time here in the U.S. Also, a lot of things revolve around 3?s. The holy trinity, 3 p.m. of the crucifixion, the crow clucking 3 times, so on, etc.

    Jesus also supposedly was resurrected at 3 a.m. Mary Magdalene came to the tomb around 4-5a.m, so it?s very possible that is the time this miraculous phenomenon took place. I believe at this time, every night, it becomes a prime time for our deceased relatives and for God to talk to us. There are no coincidences when it comes to the holy Lord.

    I would pray about it, and feel honored that at this time, the other world is trying to communicate to you. I would also pray that for whatever reason you are awoke at this time, that you understand the meaning of this.

    Hope this helps
    An_227474 responded:
    This is very freaky. I too wake up every night at 3:00 am, the only thing different with me is my television comes on at 3:00 am and wakes me up from a sound sleep, if I leave the tv on I am awakened by the sound blairing. I have a few strange things happening to me like: street lights go out when I drive under them, my husband and I share a phone and when I have it, it shut off constantly. Strange things have happened to me at almost every place I have lived in the past several years. Things like the window shade going up by itself, a Bugs Bunny alarm clock kept going off when there were no batteries in it, water coming back on after I turned it off and started to walk away. I try to pass it off as nothing and don't even think twice about it. The only problem with that is I do think about it and it makes me wonder what is going on.
    ShAAA replied to An_227474's response:
    I live alone and there is no noise at 3am. My internal clock wakes me up at 7:30 for work. I have been waking up at 3am for as long as I could remember. I don't just wake up I jump up! I never saw the Exorcise movie. I'm not sure why this happens at 3am. Maybe it has something to do with the planets.
    aprialamari responded:
    feel the same way, i wake up at 3 everynight and cant go back to sleep. im always having bad feelings aswell
    vee974 replied to aprialamari's response:
    I too wake up every night at 3.00am. I can feel someone is here in the room with me. I have really bad feelings when I try to convince myself that there is nothing wrong and stay under the blanket.But now that I accept their presence, I can fall asleep after 3.30am. You just have to wait until the spirits are gone. They really are there.One day I could feel someone sitting on my bed and touch his back but I couldn't see anything at all. Other weird things happen around this time.If you want,try asking them why they are here. If you don't accept their presence, your child might have to face the same thing one day. You must have a high spiritual level like me, that's why they come to you. They are spirits of people who still have something to do or something to accomplish before they find peace. I am pretty sure that one day I would see more and more of them and will be able to talk to them. If you are not ready, ask them to come back later.
    Trotman91 responded:
    I read an above response whereby the young lady replied with " it may be your internal clock". I believe that I have an internal clock because i usually wake up around a.m. without fail even when I go to bed at later times. However, recently, I've been woken up at 3:00a.m and times leading up to 3:00 a.m. without fail recently. I find i tcomical that it came right after I gained more knowledge about the plan of the enemy (satan and his legion of demons) through a book name A Divine Revelation Of Hell. I decided to get fully close to God and Satan has been angry and is now trying to disturb me. People use the time as prayer and praise time. I know that I will
    ShiBoi505 responded:
    I too have a very strong relationship in my belief of God. I also believe that h is constantly watching over us and we have no need to fear. I don't believe it is supersticious at all, in fact I have shared in similar situations. My grandfather past away a few years ago and for the next few weeks my daughter would wake up screaming exactly at 3:00 am every single night. When I asked her what was wrong, she said papi which is how she new my grandfather. Exactly one month later my aunt passed away at exactly 3:00 am. I thought it was just coincidence and I didnt think too much about it, till now. A few hours ago I overheard something on a t.v. program about a 3am significance. I am amazed at how many people have shared similar situations. I believe this hour to be a spiritual hour in which God allows our loved ones to check on us. And while I have no scientific proof or anything to aide my point. I just feel it makes sense. I think that our thoughts are mearly corrupted because of the movies and shows that we see. Forgetting that these shows are made to entertain. And generally the ideas they get are from actual experiences that they have heard or that is a general thought in the community. I think we should all look at these situations with an open mind and an open heart. Instead of fearing we should embrace these gifts that God has given us.
    itsjustme14 replied to ShiBoi505's response:
    I had cancer in 2002. I prayed that I would sleep soundly every night, free from worry, which I did. Then, one night, I was awakened by a SHAKE. I looked at the clock; it said 2:59am. It was very definite; it was as though someone was shaking both my shoulders, and I sensed "pray for your health". I prayed for awhile but started to fall back asleep, and it happened again "pray for your health!!". Finally after about 10 minutes, I was "allowed" to go back to sleep.

    The next day, a very good Christian friend called me to say, "The Lord awoke me at 3am last night to pray for your health, which I did. It was such a violent shake, surely he woke you up too, correct??"

    This just proved to me that God was in control! It was amazing, but I must also add, since then, many times I have been "awoken" at 3am and urged to pray about something. I find this amazing.... but a blessing. Our God is one of order. I don't question it, but I do find it really interesting!!!

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