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Waking up at 3am
sanfrangirlie posted:
Hi Everyone,

I am a very spiritual person who has a strong relationship in my belief in God. I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes as I live alone and every now and then I get scared that I can feel/hear something in my room. I know it mind sound crazy but I always just say a couple prayers and I am reassured and fall asleep. I am sure it is my imagination. However, every now and then I have been randomly waking up abruptly. I am wide awake at this point and completely alert when a few minutes earlier I was in a very deep sleep. I know it's just a supersticion but some say that if you wake up at 3am it means something? EVery time this happens no joke it is 3am ON the dot. Maybe it's my subconsciou waking me up? I could NOT fall back asleep last night. I had to watch tv until 530am ... Any thoughts on this?
Anyuseridwilldo responded:
I also frequently wake up at 3am. I've heard that if you drink alcohol in the evening, this can be when the sedative effect wears off, and you can be roused from sleep. However, many nights when this happens, I haven't been drinking at all. Last night, something extra strange happened. I happened to be awake already at 3am, and my dog, who had been happily asleep by my side in the dark, picked up her head and began to howl. It was a long, eerie, but very beautiful and mournful howl. My dog is 6- and I have only heard her howl one other time, when she was awaking from anesthesia. A strange occurrence. The theory that most interests me is that a deceased loved-one could be allowed to check in on us at this time (I lost my 25 year-old brother a year ago to a car accident). Also, I do live in a neighborhood with many elderly people, so the old superstition of a dog howling to announce a death is interesting as well.
wpooh27 replied to Anyuseridwilldo's response:
Yes that could be very interesting.
MotionlessInWhite responded:
That's the same with me... I felt Like someone was watching me... Then every night .. I'd wake up, fall asleep about 30min/1hr later
3aminthemorning responded:
3 am is said to be when Demons are at their strongest.
Damian666 responded:
I have herd that possessions usually occur between 3:AM to 4:AM.
beeayeaye responded:
feel that way too i wake up at 1:34 and its not every night just about though and i dont know why
Sleepwalker008 responded:
As many have been witness , I've been waking up for my entire life around 3am. I walk around , most time too the kitchen and grab myself something to eat. Always , I never realize that I'm doing this for at least several minutes anyways. For the last 10 years maybe I've been having "nightmares" before I awake. These dreams are very clear and vivid to me. Most times, I cannot go back to sleep for at least an hour or two. I just want to go back to sleep but can't. This page was the first link I found when goggling this topic. I will be honest. I'm not a spiritual person but the dreams I have been having and the "after effect" once I've awaken lead me to believe that there is something "greater" in play here. I'm not sure what I can do about any of this and the older I get , the worse this is getting.
lukeperry replied to Sleepwalker008's response:
I just read about a few people, who keep waking up at 3am. I read about the person who has cross's all around there room. I wake up at 3am every night(my body is use to 3am) because I'm a insomniac. Not because of the devil, or any spirits!

If you believe in God, you should all be feeling him right beside you, at every min. of every day. If you don't, all you have to do is ask.

You don't have to be worthy(nobody is)You only have to ask. "Please God, let me feel your presence beside me?" That's it! He will do all the rest. When you wake up at 3, clean the house, read a book, or do laundry. Your doing it, because your body is on that schedule. You might want to say, "is there something you want me to do right now God?" Either way, he will answer you.
lukeperry replied to itsjustme14's response:
Wow, that's a great story! I believe the way you do. That God was telling you what he wanted. After all, he is control of everything, especially our lives.

No matter how badly we'd like to think we are in control, that's a joke. And since he knows what's best for us, more people need to trust him, and just do what he wants. (i can always feel what he wants me to do) I don't always do it, thinking that I know better. Those times are always bad. But dummy me, has to learn the hard way.
Godowned responded:
I just posted this on my page yesterday~ Question???
Does ANYone else feel like they are awakened @3am? Not just a potty-break but awakened purposely. This has been going on as far as I can remember. I can go to bed @7pm, 9pm, 12am, or even 2am & still be awakened at 3am!
I know I'm NOT the Only one here!!!! its not a choice...I go to sleep at whatever time & normally wake up at 3am..I'm not sure if I'm used to it but I know it is NOT natural I feel like I am summoned awake like Im supposed to be doing something specific at that time. More like a SPIRITual alarm clock going off. I wanted to reach out to see if others experience it also I know there's others that feel like this My nephew says he doesnt ever get tired until @330. I either can't sleep til after 3am or I am asleep then alwaysjump up quick like something wakes me up that ONLY happens @3am. Iv always noticed that! I get sleepy again @430(?}
Godowned replied to Steeliox's response:
that's very interesting that you say that because I also am awakened at 3am for as long as I can remember. I've always noticed it. My nephew, Mom, & her sister say they have it randomly also where they can't sleep til after 3am or get awakened at 3am. My Mom & I had discussed it & she was saying maybe because of the potty training days to avoid pee-ing in the bed her Mom woke her up spiratically in the night so she woke me up spiratically during the early morning hours. I don't agree with that even though it is a possible theory. When I wake up it feels like I am supposed to be doing something, I'm about to miss something, or I'm supposed to be getting ready. I'v always felt like this. I wake up jumping up quick like something startled me. I don't always have to go potty lol.
I love the thought that JESUS died & rose at 3am. That is very encouraging. I perform Prophetic poetry on stage often starting 1/11, so I am very sensitive to GOD speaking to me & the influence of The HOLY SPIRIT. I journal my conversations with GOD. I go by the stage name Tjs GOD~owned plus GOD influenced me to start a GOD~owned site & I offer prayer, testimonies, & my poetry.
Thank you for posting.
GOD Blesses
Godowned replied to lukeperry's response:
I agree somewhat because mostly everybody has a SPIRITual connection with this & even the ones that don't seem to at least belive in GOD. I have been awakened at 3am since childhood. Almost everyone that has posted about this are sensitive to GODs presence. I literally jump up like it's time to go! I have a reoccuring nightmare that my teeth are falling out & I recently found out that is a Prophetic dream of things to come mostly a dramatic change is approaching. I have dreams people die but that is not the literal meaning because all of the people are still alive. All I've noticed after reading all of these post none of us are being randomly summoned awake it is all on purpose.
lukeperry replied to Godowned's response:
I never realized that so many people were waking up at 3am, so there must be a reason. If it worry's any of you, why not say a few prayer's? When I can't go to sleep, I'll start saying prayer's for different people in my family(that I sometimes forget) And I always fall asleep before I can finish them. That way, you will be killing two birds with one stone. Becoming sleepy, helping people, and getting closer to God!(sorry, that's 3 bird's) God bless you all.

FelicitaPersempre replied to lukeperry's response:
I too wake up same time everynight...except my time is always 4am...I just thought it was my clock all messed up. But I cant help but think that maybe it is someone trying to communicate with me...I get goosebumps when I read about loved ones trying to communicate

Lilgracie1 responded:
Hello, yes unfortunately 3am signifies the HOUR OF THE DEVIL!
That's why it's often used in horror movies. If you're religious, you may want to have your Pastor bless your house, or a minister.

I once had an evil spirit haunting my house, and a native american neighbor blessed my house for me. We took a candle
and sweet grass, then went from corner to corner counterclockwise throughout the house, while praying the lords prayer. The evil spirit left.

Evil hauntings are common. I'll pray for you.

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