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Been waking at 3am since my cat passed?
CatMan1979 posted:
Our sweet kitty passed away from cancer this past sunday, after being dignosed last week wednesday. The past 2 nights I have woken up at 3am on the dot. The first night, as soon as I awoke, our other cat came quickly into our room, meowing in alarm, nudged my hand, jumped on the bed, then left meowing. This morning, I awoke @ 3 again, no cat visit this time, but again, 3. I don't feel like anything is wrong, but like I should be doing something or checking something. I have read many posts about 3am being when the spiritual world is closest to ours, and that is when God allows loved one spirits to check on us. If it happens again, should I walk my home to see if a certain feline spirit is felt? Should I snap some pics in her old laying spots? Advice is appreciated, thx
lukeperry responded:
Hi CatMan,

I'm sorry that your cat was sick, and died. The good news is, he's not in pain anymore! I know everybody says that, and it does not make you feel any better. It's just that we don't know what else to say.

My sister lost her cat recently, and she said she didn't want to get another one. But after about a month, she got one from a lady at work. As soon as she saw the cute little kitty, she couldn't bring him home fast enough! He acts completely different, and doesn't look like the 1st one, but she is already crazy about the new one.

As far as that 3am spirit stuff goes, I don't believe in any of it, at all! I wake up almost every night at 3am, because my body is use to it. The reason your other cat came in the room, is because you woke him up, when you woke up.

Your missing and probably still feeling your deceased cat. His energy is still all around you. I believe that we are all made of energy, and when we die, we move on. But, when we move, we leave some of our energy behind. That's why it feels like our loved ones are still beside us. Then we get to be back with them, when we die.(if we want) That's just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinion's. Ha!

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