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nancy777 posted:
I fear GOD and I was wondering...Does apostasy happen in the church? According to what I read,apostasy is a falling away from sound doctrine and the rules that go with it. Will god forgive me if I go to church that dosent apply sound doctrine ? My church does whatever they please. Does anyone know the rules the churches are to go by? Also, I read that the sabbath will not be reinstated until christ comes back. Then Israel will be the place of worship where the nations will go every year to after christ return. Any ideas>

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What is APOSTASY in the church?
  • falling away from sound doctrine
  • church members worshiping god however they like. NO ORDER !
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lukeperry responded:
Apostasy means falling away from or denying your faith IN God. It comes from the devil, he loves for us to deny our faith. God will always forgive you, just say,"God I think that I'm falling away from you, please help me." Also say, "I feel like the devil is right on my heels, please save me."

Don't ever go back to that evil church. What kind of Church would ever say something like that? It surely isn't a very holy one, plus they lie. Just change church's, there are at least a 100 for you to try. Try them all until you find the one that's right for you.

Whoever said the sabbath will not be reinstated until Christ comes back, sound like a bad, bad church. I don't know any Religion that believes in that!

Please don't ever be afraid of God. He's the one who will guide you through life, & when things are bad, he's the one who gives you strength. He will always protect you from the evil one, because he loves you.

He made you special, and whether you can see it or not, you are unique! There isn't one person on earth like you. He loves you more then a parent loves there child. Because you are his child, and he is nothing but pure love. God NEVER leaves us, we sometimes get mad at & leave him. (when that happens, he's very sad and just waiting for you to come back to him.) He forgives things that humans won't. He is all forgiving, loving, and will never deny anything that you ask him for. The trick to having blind faith is to trust him completely.(like a 3yr.old)

He doesn't always answer us the second we ask for something, only because he can see down the road,(seconds to years) He knows what would happen next week, next yr., or when ever, if he answered you instantly. We can't see that far, but he only wants the very best for us, and wants us to be happy. God bless you!

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