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can god help?
horseride posted:
can god help me with my problems? he doesnt seem to care. :frown: :angry:
4jesus responded:
What makes you certain God doesn't care? God loves everyone! :smile: If you're praying for a certain thing to happen, God does not always answer it right away. God does things in his own time. God is always listening to our prayers, even when we're silent. That's why we have to keep our faith going. With God all things are possible to all who believeth. If you would like to come back and further talk, this board has a few members that will listen and help, they're wonderful. Take care and God's blessing's to you. Ron
zebra1234 responded:
am praying for you. He knows your desires, sometimes it isn't when we want, but when he is ready. Ron is sweet, he is so helpful, and many others. Bowing for you now honey.
horseride responded:
Thank you very much.
Marge21955 responded:
Hayley, welcome to the board. You better believe God can help- he is amazing and he will work miracles in your life if you just have faith and ask him. My favorite quote from the Bible is John 14:14 in which Jesus says-"If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it" It may not happen right away but just keep the faith and keep on praying- He is working behind the scenes for you at all times. Do you have a church to go to- it really helps -sometimes you have to shop around but sooner or later you'll find the right one. Until then there are two people on TV I suggest you watch -they are very inspirational-Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. I love them both! Well take care and keep coming back! There are lots of loving supportive people here! Will keep you and your in my prayers! As always, Marge
godfirst04 responded:
His Delay is not a Denial :smile:
BlueValkyrieLisa responded:
Hi Hayley It does seem like He is so very far away or sometimes not listening or hearing us, huh? He does care and He can help you. Sometimes I have found out it was more like He was helping me to persevere through my problem before He answered it. Sometimes His answer has been "No". I didn't always like that or understand why. But later I would come to realize it was for the best that He told me "No" and I was glad for it. His time is not our time though so just try to be patient. Take care, Lisa
DeadManWalking56 responded:

You want God to help with your problems. God is not our servant, to fulfill all wishes. He also gave us minds and free will. Have you done all YOU can to help with your problems ? Are the solutions things that only benefit you, or will the resolution of them be of great benefit to others around you ? Are you praying and working to solve problems of others around you ?

In trying to help others in whatever way possible, you bring yourself closer to God.

Be a person of kindness, warmth, love, wisdom. Giving those gifts to others may bring more to you, and the answers to your prayers may be answered, the way you hope, or perhaps in some other way.

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