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Believing in God
lukeperry posted:
I read an article in the news paper recently and If I never believed in God, I would, after reading this. A man saved some kid from drowning about 30yrs. ago. Then one day 30yrs later, this same man stopped to help a car broken down on the side of the road. A big tractor trailer was getting ready to slam right into the back of the car. The guy got everybody out of the car and out of the way, before there car was hit. Afterwards the too men were talking and the guy who almost got killed said,"you look familiar." Where as, the older guy said,"your not that kid who almost drowned, yrs. ago, are you?" The younger guy said,"your not the man who saved me from dying, that's impossible. They both were freaked out, when the older guy said,"yes, I saved your life twice, what are the odds of that happening?"

Then I have my own miracles, I've experienced. Like having chemo, and turning and trusting God completely, to be with me through the whole thing. I never became ill,(all the others did) I never lost my appetite, never was tired, and I never threw up. My doctor would try to act normal while watching me be like a normal person. My white cells dropped to 0, yet I never became ill. After every treatment, when I went home, it was like I was on speed. Not like all the others, who had to go to bed. Oh yes, I could feel him inside me every step of the way. Since that experience, one year ago, I have no fear. No fear of anything, because God will protect any and everybody who ask. He never says no, all you have to do is ask and believe like a little child does(worthy or not because nobody is really worthy)

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