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God Questions
lukeperry posted:
Come on guys, doesn't anybody feel like asking something about God? Doesn't anybody have any miracle that's happened to them or around them? Does anybody want to talk about God, or how he's effected there life today?

Do you want to talk about if he's real or not, why some people believe in him and some don't? In all your years of living, has he ever helped you, or maybe saved you?

When I was going through chemotherapy. Why didn't the needles hurt me, why didn't I vomit everyday(like all the other patients in the room). Why wasn't I ever in bone pain, and one really weird question is, why wasn't I scared that I would die, when I had stage 4 breast cancer? Why did I wake up happy everyday, for the 9mo. of chemo? My sister and I laughed at each other for the 4hrs. a day, 4days a week, that I was there. (accidentally, making everybody else laugh) My reaction to the medication wasn't written in any-book, that we read, the nurse's and my oncologist couldn't figure it out. Why didn't I go insane after they amputated (yes, that's what I call it, amputation) my breast? I only had to see a shrink 3times, to help me adjust to having my breast amputated,(which in my mind, made me no longer a woman, but a eunuch) Why did I get over that devastation in only one month?

I contribute all of it from God. The minute I got over the shock of hearing the word Breast Cancer, I went home and begged God to take over this whole situation, because there was no way my mind could handle any of it. The next morning when I awoke, I could instantly feel somebody inside my body, making me think, walk, talk and make decisions that I knew nothing about. My oncologist would say I had to do this or that and I never was afraid. One day he asked me why and I said because God (not you) is running this whole show. He look so shocked, and said, "you must have really strong faith."

When my surgeon did my mastectomy, it could have been the janitor doing it, because I asked God to please use this mans hand and for God to do the surgery. Three different doctors, who have seen me since I healed, all asked me who did the mastectomy? They said it was the best job they had ever seen. Those are just some of the miracles that have happened to me, there are a lot more. Plus I've seen a lot of them happen to other people. Thank you for listening to me, I hope that it might make somebody else say something about God, after all, we are on the Spirituality board.


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