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Waking up at 3am
MaryAngela posted:
I don't necessarily wake up every morning at 3 but it does happen often. More often though, I cannot fall asleep until well after 3, usually around 3:40 or so. I have also noticed, in just the last few years, that the number 3 continually appears in my daily life, the time, the date, a radio station, my wedding anniversary was 3/3 @ 3:00...that was not planned, we "eloped", by the way... that was my 3rd marriage! I could go on and on about the moments and areas of my life that the number 3 pops up... its usually a set of at least two 3's or a set of three 3's. No other number pops up nearly as often. Am I just looking for it to happen? Now even my boyfriend (3 marriages were enough!) has noticed how often 3 pops up around me... like the total of our groceries will have 3's in it, the mileage in the car... I don't understand it.
lukeperry responded:
Hi Mary,

Is it possible that your looking for that number because it showed up a few times? Then it became a matter of you noticing it everywhere, the way we do when we see a new car that we want. Like I picked out this car that I loved, even a certain color. Then I started seeing it EVERYWHERE! The exact color and make. It got to the point where I didn't want it anymore because it seemed that everybody had one.

Your probably an insomniac, staying up until 3a.m., or you keep the t.v. on,(while lying in bed). It could be work, habit, or you could be scared to fall asleep. You need to see a sleep specialist for the ans. Good luck and God bless.

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