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path of life
ana_sun posted:
Hello my nameis Ana, i just found this website and feel like sharing my thoughts
I feel lost now.. cant see clear.. but i have seen. I had a strong connection and where able to go trough life without ANY fear with total confidence and love. I understood how easy the univers "works" and howdifficult we make it. I understood that its so easy that we actually cant BELIEVE it. I just feltloved and was so thankfull the whole time, i didnt judge. i loved to give, i respected completelly. I saw heaven on earth.but I realised after a time.. that poeple aound me would not see this. It was making me a bit sad and i started thinking (!!) that it was not fair, how could I deserve to be aware of this and so few people didnt and where suffering of things they dont have to . It was beeing to "much" for me..i pushed it away. I pushed this feelings away and went back. I think i went back because i obviously missed someting or to rebuilt the ground, repair a column.. i believe we maybe have to sometimesf"forget" this connection in order to learn something new and grow. or is it just us. is it us that were told and teached that the only way to learn is suffering. I miss the deeep love i was feeling for my self and everything and everybody that surronded me. I try to resist the feelings of fear or anger or sadness or notpacience, not understanding and forgiving all anymore for whatevery they do knowing that its their path and not my and that i also allowed this and atracted it for some rason. I am beeing in that state but having lived and experienced something more pure.
I look back , like i look to a gone cloud trying to see it again but i understand that you must be open to changes , to transformation and that everything that happens is for good. I feel the fear of going the wrong path, i ask myself if i might be going the "wrong" one , even if i know ther is just one path we always go. I feel i am here in this planet to help others to love others to teach them to love and heal themsels. I am aware that i have to overcome also a lot of things but i would love to just be doing my "work" here without suffering..
I prayto god, to help me and i know god does. But i cant hear his voice as clear as i did see his signs as as i know my mind is speaking loud.
why do we sometimes make us suffer if we know better. not value us enaugh,be to ruff to us-

I pray that light iluminates my body and reliefs me fromthis , to work with awareness and fulfill what i came for. Or do i pass rought this phases in order to understand human life better--

i am sure somebody understands how i am feeling, as i am not alone--- i just needed to write these words-!


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lukeperry responded:
There is no such word as sufferment.(ck. dictionary) If your asking do we need suffering, the ans. is no, we don't need it. But, who hasn't gone through it?

The ans. to your first question is simple. Ask God to please bring you back, closely to him. As you know, he never leaves us, we leave him. Ask him to please forgive you for whatever took you away and to please bring you back. That's all and you will be thick as thieves in no time. I've been through it and done it. If you still don't feel that closeness, then something else is happening and you need to trust God, keep praying for it and never give up. He might be testing you. God bless.

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