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    Unsure about Diagnosis, any ideas?
    arianarae posted:
    When I was 17 I was in an accident where my leg ended up pinned up against a rock. As far as we were concerned, I had no broken bones. I do not recall the results of original MRI's or Xrays just that I had a giant bruise and discoloration on the inside of my left leg below the knee and shooting pain concentrated in that area but spread through out the leg. years later, I am now 25 my doctor, without doing tests decided that based on the symptoms I had Bursitis.

    I was sent multiple times to Physical therapy where I was treated few years in between including treatment for chronic Bursitis but the physical therapist would say treatments weren't working and sit there and scratch his head. I have lost faith in my doctors ever finding out what is causing this pain.. or that it will ever go away. It is not always triggered by Physical activity, I could be sleeping in bed and just in massive pain. The pain never goes away, but there are times it's almost unbearable and times that I can go on without it causing too much of a problem for me.

    My leg swells up fairly large, it affects mainly the area of damage, but the rest of my leg does get swollen and is a noticeable difference in size of my legs. There is a slight discoloration on the affected area. If my leg gets sun tanned, the affected area stays lighter than the rest of my leg.

    It is very sensitive to touch, sends entire shocks through my body if someone touches it or if I accidentally hit it into something. I walk with a slight limp though I do try to hide it. My Therapist pointed out that my foot turns inwards slightly when I walk and believed that was a habit formed from trying to hide my limp.

    As earlier said.. it doesn't matter what I'm doing. The pain/swelling can just explode, I can't keep it in one position for long including elevating it. Heat and cold only seem to make it worse though I do put cold packs on it to bring down swelling, it does not do anything to help ease pain. No pain medications I've been given so far have ever helped so I've gone without. I have only taken ibuprofen to reduce swelling.

    At times my leg feels so weak I can't support myself. It hurt before I gained weight, after I gained weight, and even after I've lost the weight and the pain only seems to get worse. It is unbearable. I've only just woken from bed and I already feel the pain as if I've walked all night.

    I don't know what to do. The doctors are convinced it is Bursitis, I've only seen two doctors both looked at each others notes and insisted that it was Bursitis and did not feel the need to do any tests. I've not seen them when it's been swollen or at its worst. My boyfriend who is in nursing school is not convinced it is Bursitis as he has seen the swelling and discoloration himself. I don't know who to see and I don't know how I can convince a doctor to try to find out what else it could be, or to prove what it could be, and am unsure if I even have the money to go through the multiple tests just to come up with an idea of what the problem could be..

    can anyone offer any advise/help/suggestions?? I dream of a day that I can be pain free, but right now it seems impossible and completely out of reach.

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