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Racquetball - Wrist pain.
nobody102 posted:
47 y.o. male - About three months ago, I started developing pain in my wrist after playing raquetball. The pain was not persistent, only ocurred when flexing my wrist in certain ways. I tried using a brace and resting it for a week, it felt better. Next week, tried to play again, and the pain started up again after playing. This went on for about 2 months. During that time, I stopped playing, took some NSAIDS. My wrist was better. Then tried to play again, pain came back. I then decided to see an Ortho. Took x-rays, did not see any problems with the bones, arthritis, etc. Doc thinks it is soft-tissue injury. Put me on Celebrex for 2 weeks, and a more sturdy brace. I only took the meds for a week - it tore up my stomach. Today, after two week's rest, I went to play two games. I was wearing a McDavid Wrist compression bandage while playing. I iced the wrist afterwards. The pain is worse now. It is ocurring on the side closest to my pinky. The pain is worst when I flex my wrist either up or down at an extreme angle. Now the pain exhibits when doing daily activities such as brushing my teeth etc. I am supposed to see the doc next week for a followup. Any sugesstions to discuss with him would be appreciated. Someone told me to look at getting a cortisone shot. I am very discouraged, because I do not want to give up playing, but am not sure what a good next step is to get the underlying problem diagnosed. Thanks.
Blake Boggess, DO responded:
You are doing the right thing by following up with your physician. You may need a MRI to further evaluate the ligaments and cartilage in you wrist. A TFCC tear can be pretty painful for raquet sports athletes.
nobody102 replied to Blake Boggess, DO's response:
Well I went back to the Ortho after a few weeks. I tried playing, and still have pain afterwards. It is not super-painful, maybe a 5 out of 10, when playing, but still hurts for several days after playing. I can't imagine i tore something, as the pain goes away after several days of rest. He said that the only reason to get an MRI would be to see if there was soft-tissue damage, and then, only if I would plan to have it fixed via surgery. I don't make a living playing RB, so there is no way ever, that I would consider getting my wrist cut open. So, I think my options are: suck it up, or stop playing. Doc. did not discuss any excercises.

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