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    In unexplained pain for 17 years..can someone tell me what is wrong with me??
    ceceh42 posted:
    Can someone tell me what is wrong with me?? Here are my symptoms in no particular order - it's like a journal, I just write them down when I feel them. If anyone has any questions and needs clarification please let me know...thank you!!

    Had a stress fracture in 1994; have had pain since then
    Diagnosed with sciatica in 2005 which has since subsided
    Hurts in butt/hip to leg or vice versa on left side because I was sitting more at work
    Legs hurting bad in general after sitting at work all day
    Sometimes cannot put weight on left leg or afraid to; have almost not able to walk on it at certain points in those 17 years
    Should I get a Bone scan, CAT scan, or PET scan?
    Warm and swollen in left lower leg sometimes
    Should I be wearing my orthotics?
    Should I get a MRI on lower left leg and left ankle and right knee and ankle? I have already had one on my back and lower left knee - found there was a disc pressing on my nerve which I already knew since 2005 where I went to the chiro and just recently got steroid injections in my back which didn't help; chiro has helped though - I have been going since 2005.
    Left lower leg is longer than right lower leg and/or I also think it may be that left lower leg bone longer than right lower leg bone - feel in my left ankle especially when walking down steps
    Left calf muscle is bigger than right calf muscle
    Left ankle cracking bad when I'm in pain and minor cracking most all the time
    Worse when doing yoga
    Veins only in left leg
    Calcium deposits/cysts/bump in shin, and large bulging vein
    Rubbing of joint in left and right ankle
    Nothing seems to help although Aleve has helped most recently; I have been on pain killers in the past
    Pain is going down thru foot.
    Whole left and right legs feels tired sometimes
    Could bottom of feet discrepancies be causing it?
    Tightness in outside of left leg into ankle; ankle feels like it has extra weight/fluid in it—need something to loosen it.
    Sensitive and annoying in ankle-sensitive and like a nerve disturbance-reminds of finger nails scratching down a chalkboard
    Hurting when bending ankle on left and right
    Anon_163882 responded:
    -so sorry 2 hear! U've asked so I'll share...EXPERIENCE; I'm not a doctor nor do I personally choose traditional medicine!
    1. Place Ur symptoms in cronilogical order. (typically there is merely A condition; not a multitude)
    2. Realise that U're a human being and as 1 Ur body will adapt 2 servive. (Most patience don't realise that their body has Over Compensated 2 servive; this leads 2 complications)
    3. U and Ur DR. need 2 decide if U're treating a symptom or curing a condition which will eventually elleviate other things...
    4. Consider consulting a pain management DR.
    It's MY opinion that there's a pinched nerve. Since the spinal cord is of major importance 2 our overall function- consider seeing a chiropractor whom is ALSO a physical theropist!
    Oxygen is also of major importance! So please take the time 2 learn proper breathing...lots of us know NOT how 2 use our lungs!
    Although U've been dealing w/ this condition 4 a long time others have not- so PLZ get second opinions, research possabilities and, ask what results should B expected in what amount of time!
    Good Luck ;}
    ceceh42 replied to Anon_163882's response:
    Thanks! Great advice!
    pamelasuebeck replied to ceceh42's response:
    curious ;} Can ya share the results? I care...
    ceceh42 replied to pamelasuebeck's response:
    I go to this awesome chiropractor!! I have been pain free since February 2012! He uses the Gonstead method! Thanks for asking!
    pamelasuebeck replied to ceceh42's response:
    So happy 2 hear- LIVE well . . . thanx 4 sharing
    ceceh42 replied to pamelasuebeck's response:
    You're welcome!

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