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Eye Bubble extremely painful...
buffytruck1 posted:
My husband about 3 years ago started having sever pain behind his left eye, especially when he bent down. As the days progressed a bubble started forming on his eye on the white part, it formed around pupil. A week later, the pain was so unbearable he went to the ER (at UofM ann arbor, mi). They were pretty much baffled at his condition and gave him prednisone, which gave him relief and it went away within a day or so.

When he got off the prednisone, the bubble came back, along with the severe pain. He went to Kellogg Eye and got a CAT scan and there was no sign of tumors. Again, everyone was baffled and sent him home with prednisone again. Then a month or so went by after he got off again and it came back. So on prednisone again he went. They said if came back again they would do a biopsy of the bubble.

So 3 years later it is back again and we don't know what to do about getting a biopsy or if we should just do the prednisone route again. Our insurance isn't great, so we could appreciate some advice thanks!
pattijean34 responded:
I don't know if this is even possibly the same thing but my daughter and I get these small "bubbles" on the whites of our eyes. Mine is not overly painful but very annoying and weird.
Our eye doctors have described these as a "sunburn" to the eye. Called a penquicula, speeling could be wrong.
They said it is a genetic "disorder" and that wearing the best UV sunglasses at all times when out doors was a must.
Maybe this info can help.
pattijean34 responded:
Also, after looking at the picture I would say it looks just like that only mine is on the corner of my eye and always appears in the same place and not seemingly so large.

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