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Crazy, Mutated Eyelashes
missdeona posted:
I've had this problem ever since I was about 8 years old. My eyelashes started not only stinging, but also mutating. It'd get so bad that I'd have to pull the lashes out with either my fingers or with tweezers.

For many years, the doctors said that I either had eczema on my eyes (and had me put on cremes on the eyelids or eye drops, but neither one worked) or said that the problem is a mental one (that the problem wasn't real). My mom believed the latter until one day I got her to take a look at a lash I had to pull out (she looked to humor me). After she looked closely, she asked, "Why does this lash have two heads?" and took this a lot more seriously.

Other lashes I had to pull looked like it was split in many directions, One was shaped like a small T, some would be split in two directions, some in three or four directions with a white crust over the split parts, one looked like a feather duster, another looked like a tuning fork, and some had huge lumps in the middle that looked like clear plastic (those were painful). Most also looked very dry and stick-like on one side and huge, wet and plump on the other (either white or black or both on the plump part). I call them stingers, because they sting when I blink and sting when I rub my eyes, and the last kind I described I call Plumpers for obvious reasons.

Any idea what's really wrong with these mutated lashes of mine?

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